The Crazy Ones

Went to see a movie yesterday, Jobs, the story of Apple computers and Steve Jobs the flawed and driven man who did the start up and later made the rare transition to become CEO of the giant company. He was able to do this because he was a man of vision and he held that vision before him for his entire life. People followed him due to the power of his vision.

I did not expect much from the movie but it surprised me and spoke to my soul and to my mission. The movie ends with Steve’s visionary one minute commercial made in the early 2000s that was never aired. It begins with ‘Here’s to the crazy ones.’ and ends with ‘Here’s to those crazy enough to think they can change the world because in the end, they do.’

I had seen Job’s ‘crazy ones’ commercial before but in the context of the movie it spoke directly to me. You see, I am one of the crazy ones…I am crazy enough to think we can change the world.

Changing the world looked like a daunting task to me until April of 2011. I had just left the influence of a controlling leader and set out on an independent path toward living my mission and providing the kind of leadership I hoped to find in others; but never had. Leadership based on empowerment and seeing others as sovereign beings. The Universe applauded this decision and sent me information on timelines. Suddenly, and for the first time, the daunting task of changing the world looked doable. You see, with timelines you don’t have to change anything that is already there…you simply choose the timeline of your choice and begin breathing life into it. You create rather than change. Others are attracted to this little travelled timeline, to the vision it represents and presto, the chosen timeline grows and eventually replaces the existing timeline…and the whole world changes.

You see, everyone wants what my chosen timeline contains…everyone wants oneness because oneness is love…everyone wants abundance…that needs no explanation. That is the timeline I chose; the timeline of oneness and abundance. It turned out many others were choosing the same or similar timelines and we became a loosely knit team creating this timeline. We did not fight with the existing shared timeline of duality and scarcity, we simple created and held the energy of our favoured timeline. We are the crazy ones…we are changing the world.

It doesn’t hurt that ultimate reality is attuned to the timeline of oneness and abundance. This makes creating this timeline akin to rolling a ball downhill. Just start it in motion and watch it go. The flip side of this is also true. It doesn’t hurt that ultimate reality is far away from the timeline of duality and scarcity. This makes maintaining this timeline akin to rolling a ball uphill. A constant struggle requiring energy and resources.

We are nearing the time when the big shift takes place. Some are calling this the Event; but no matter what you call it humanity is nearing a momentous shift in our shared timeline. Humanity is about to shift from the timeline of duality and scarcity into the timeline of oneness and abundance. We, the crazy ones, are about to change the world.

Once the shift takes place, it sets in motion an unbelievably bright and beautiful sequence of events leading to humanity’s ascension and to becoming full galactic citizens.

Exciting times…but first we change the world.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. katelon says:

    Great blog post. You explain it so clearly, thanks!

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