Energies of the Equinox

Today is the equinox, the day when the sun is directly over the equator and all the world experiences equal portions of day and night. The equinox moment, when the sun crosses over the equator is at 2.44 this afternoon, Calgary time (MST). Tomorrow will be fall.

We are experiencing beautiful weather here in Calgary; in fact the entire summer has been beautiful. Sunny and warm but not hot as we are in the foothills and around a thousand meters in elevation. Around dusk yesterday, I decided to go visit my favourite tree, a one hundred and fifty eight year old Douglas fir named Ashram on the south bank of the Bow River. The walk there is a little over an hour and rugged in spots. It was past sundown when I arrived but not totally dark as yet. I greeted the tree and meditated with it for several minutes before saying my goodbyes and heading back home.

One of the thoughts that came to me in the early part of the meditation was of the alarm on the fire escape near my apartment. It has been inactive since I moved there in May but was recently reactivated and goes for an annoying minute or more when someone uses the door. Having been inactive for so long, some people had fallen into this practice as a short cut and the alarm has gone off several times in the last couple of days. Very annoying. The thought stream was of meeting someone exiting this door on my return and what I would say to them. Several approaches came to mind and I chose one that was not too confrontational, targeting to end the practice rather than punish the wrongdoer…and the thought stream left me. I returned to the peacefulness that is Ashram and quietly dismissed thoughts as they arose as is my meditation practice.

Eighteen months ago, around the spring equinox of 2012, I had cleared some redundant energies of duality through Ashram’s root system and later that spring had returned expecting more of the same. Instead, the ability to clear negative and redundant energies was activated within me and that activity has been part of my contributions ever since. The energies gather in me like a capacitor and then discharge into Earth where Gaia transmutes them into energies serving the shift and the timeline humanity is birthing of oneness and abundance.

I like doing circle routes and my Ashram visit was a counterclockwise circle that took me past the fire exit door on my return. Something was up because I was held up a couple of times for emotional releases and just as I got to the exit, out stepped a man to the accompaniment of the blaring fire exit alarm. ‘That is very annoying’ came out the chosen words which began an unusual interaction. ‘No, no…the alarm was already going off and I came to see who had triggered it.’ He then began to quiz me, accusing me of triggering the alarm. I calmly denied this and he turned and fled the scene, going the same way as I was going. I followed close behind to the entrance to my building as he pulled out a phone and began talking, not entering the building. His reaction had seemed like ‘the best defence is a good offence’ but I meditated asking the truth and ‘got’ that he was telling the truth. Not sure why I was to have this encounter…perhaps it was for him and I was an instrument of the Divine.

The movie, Jobs, Steve Jobs story of Apple computers had another strong impact in addition to my realization that I am one of the crazy ones who are changing the world. It is common knowledge that the ruling elite targeted to introduce computers and the internet to humanity in a controlled fashion, as another arm of the controlled media, carrying their agenda and as their instrument for shaping public opinion. Somehow the internet got away on them and try as they might, they were never able to regain full control. More than any other single human factor, the ‘free’ internet has buoyed humanity’s push for freedom and the ongoing toppling of the self interested ruling elite.

How did this happen, how did the internet get away from the control of the ruling elite? It came to me that humanity can thank Steve Jobs for this. His vision of computers in the hands of the masses became our shared reality and with millions accessing the internet, it exploded and spiralled out of the control of the ruling elite. Thank you Steve. You were by all accounts a flawed human being but your vision and your unflagging efforts to see it realized are the shoulders we crazy ones now stand upon. I salute you!

Humanity is on the cusp of shifting into an unbelievably bright and beautiful timeline, the timeline of oneness and abundance. The shift is eminent and the energies of today’s equinox support this magnificent happening.

Freedom for humanity…

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