Fall – A New Season

The equinox was great stuff, lots of energy coming to me and to everyone else; but much like the winter solstice…nothing the unawakened would notice. Similarly, the shift into oneness and abundance has yet to make the mainstream media and also has not caught the unawakened’s attention. I am not feeling let down…just mildly disappointed.

Last night I went to bed mad at a friend who seems to have fallen into a pattern of thinking I need to be taught something. When I woke up the anger was gone and at least part of what this person thinks I am missing was in place; as follows:

It seems I am to reinvent myself. My work of ousting the ruling elite and birthing the timeline of oneness and abundance is done, or at least largely done. My work has been at the level of creation and at the level of energy and work at that level finishes before the actual manifestation into physical reality.

It is time for me to create within the framework of what I want in my own life. My gift to humanity has been given, or at least no longer requires my 24/7 attention, and it is now time to give to myself. It is now time to create within the framework of what I want in this ascended world in which I am living.

What that amounts to I don’t know entirely but it begins with making my apartment my home. I am not much of a homemaker so this for me is simple things like initiating the hiring of someone to come in and clean the place periodically. I do not clean…I’m not dirty or a slob but I don’t clean, don’t even own a vacuum cleaner or even a broom and over time, the place needs a good cleaning. So I initiated that.

Laundry is another thing that has not happened since I moved here in May. I do laundry but it has not been on my to-do list with my singular focus on ousting the ruling elite and initiating the shift. Today, I scoped out the laundry facilities here in the apartment complex and I now have a plan. I found the laundry card given me when I moved in and will soon put it to good use. Since I do not have a credit card or a debit card, I will have to pay someone cash and get them to load it for me but that is doable and will happen. All part of making this my home; not permanent but my home for now until the universe makes other arrangements.

Talking about other arrangements. On the way to go grocery shopping with my daughter, the universe arranged to give me some missing information. I had met an interesting woman, my daughter’s massage therapist, at a party Tamara threw for her birthday in May which I attended. This woman has a website and I went looking for it afterwards but came up blank. Tamara had just been for a massage and the woman had asked her to say hello to me. In the process of our conversation I learned I had the woman’s name wrong, it is Mary and I was looking for Marie. Using Mary I easily accessed her website and we are now arranging to have coffee.

As with all my decisions, I checked with my guidance before proceeding. ‘Does it serve the greater good for me to initiate contact?’ …instantly came the answer, ‘Yes’; very clear and unmistakable. That surprised me. I do not know where this will lead but some greater good purpose is being served.

I am interested in exploring the possibility of a relationship with this woman. This is complicated because I do not ‘get’ that she is my completion/twin flame. I had intended to remain open to my completion coming into my life and hooking up with someone else seems unfair within that context. Who knows…I have no preconceptions, only encouragement from my guidance to initiate contact; and the intention to be honest and above board as things transpire. We will see what happens from there.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Fall – A New Season

  1. Judy says:

    good on ya, John…and as you said…’who knows’ nothing ventured, nothing gained’ to use the old cliche…Judy

    • Thanks, Judy. More and more it feels like my contributions to ousting the ruling elite are largely done…and more importantly, the ousting is proceeding in the capable hands of others. Redundant energies continue to come my way, and are grounded but the energy and vision of the oneness and abundance timeline is now firmly in place. 🙂

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