Losing a Bet

At Easter time six months ago, shortly after the spring equinox, my brother-in-law and I made a bet for the princely sum of $20 in Canadian funds. Little more than pocket change in this day and age. Dan, not his real name, has long been curious about my beliefs and although he does not subscribe and frequently argues, he is a spiritual adept and a part of him is paying very close attention.

He knew of my belief that something major would take place nine months ago on the winter solstice and like many naysayers, took the uneventful passing of that deadline as a clear indication that my beliefs are based in delusion and the world as we presently know and experience it is here to stay.

During our Easter visit six months ago he listened, mostly politely, to my new version of things: e.g. Humanity petitioned Divinity for an inclusive ascension process, for a process where all of humanity would ascend together, and this petition was granted in the 11th hour just before the December deadline. Humanity is now in a gestation period, a period of growth and preparation for the ascension event yet to come. Instead of splitting humanity in two as would have happened had ascension proceeded at the winter solstice, humanity is now in a preparations phase and all of humanity will now ascend together at some time in the future. In practical terms the human world will undergo several shifts in the coming months; the most obvious of which will be a financial shift.

We had previously talked at length about the financial shifts and my belief that debt forgiveness and ending the practice of charging interest would be highly visible indicators. (We are headed for a society that has no use for money as all will live in abundance with instant manifestation technologies for all our needs, including travel; but money will continue to be used during the transitional period.)

In summary, the predicted shifts have been delayed, not cancelled. One theory that I liked was that the human gestation period of nine months was being applied to the ascension preparations. At the time, at Easter, we had just finished the first trimester and by the fall equinox in September, the ascension preparations baby would be birthed.

We agreed on the bet based on the US national debt. If it was forgiven by the end of September I would win. If it was still chugging along collecting billions in interest, he would win. Sadly, I lost the bet.

Or did I?

Many disparate sources are reporting financial shifts in the works. Reval is a hot topic with many Lightworkers speculating modest sums in key foreign currencies in the hopes of becoming instant millionaires, transforming their finances from lack into abundance. Prosperity programs such as NESARA are being reported as ‘nearly’ implemented. Russia and China are emerging as key financial players on the world scene. China has begun negotiating oil deals in yuan, their currency, rather than in US dollars; a first on the international scene. The US government is faced with impending bankruptcy and Congress votes to defund Obamacare.

Meanwhile the $17 Trillion US national debt continues and a bailout by additional borrowing as was done by Bush after 9/11 does not seem in the cards. Something has to give and within the agenda of a smooth transition into abundance and prosperity, I am betting on solutions that set in motion the ending of the ruling elite’s control of world finances.

I am betting on the birthing of a financial timeline that ushers in prosperity and abundance. How this will look and what mechanisms will be put in place I do not know and I will not speculate. The net result will be the forgiveness of national debt the world over and the ending of interest payments funnelling the world’s wealth into the very deep pockets of the few at the top of the current money chain.

You see, abundance is the natural order of the universe. Only in 3D and under the control of the self-interested few has scarcity been created here on earth. That artificial creation is about to end.

I lost a bet because of my continuing track record of optimism in terms of timing…but the energies of the higher dimensions will not be denied. Someday soon, the shifts I have been long predicting will occur.

Happy days are here; or soon will be.

Freedom for humanity…

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