Sexual Predators and Abuse

Lots of talk about sexual predators in various talks with family during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. It was very interesting. My dad’s side was rife with them including his incest with the third of his five daughters; my middle sister. My Mum’s side appears more normal but her mother’s affair with a younger man who may have fathered two of her five children opened up a lengthy conversation on our return to Calgary with my youngest sister. Liz is 15 years younger than me and was very friendly and close in age with her four girl cousins, the children of Mum’s youngest sister; the one whose father is in doubt. Mum’s youngest brother, whose father is in doubt, born in 1940 came up for scrutiny. I had a childhood experience where I witnessed as he sexually abused my oldest sister in a kind of game of his invention. I no longer played or was no longer invited, not sure which, and I do not know if these games continued or not.

My oldest sister, Sonia (not her real name), was bright and talented but at the last minute decided to get married instead of going to university to a man she met while in high school, a man who was already out of school and working, had a car etc. but little talent and less ambition. They remain married to this day with six grown kids and my sister has essentially left the family; e.g. has no relationship with anyone except Mum and does not go to family gatherings.

When the incest thing came to light close to thirty years ago, Sonia wanted to sweep it all under the carpet and continues that opinion to this day, attacking the victim, her sister, and just not wanting to hear anything about it. Strange behaviour, unless that is what she has done…that was like a penny dropping. Suddenly all of her behaviours began to make sense. Who was the abuser? Dad?…possibly but Sonia has denied this and energetically that seems like truth. Her uncle, only six years her senior? Seems very likely; both energetically and based on my experience. Sister Liz then contributed some information new to me. One of the four female cousins Liz grew up with was very sexually knowledgeable and displayed symptoms of an abused child. Perhaps this uncle was more predatory and active over a longer period of time. It all fits.

I don’t have any guilt about my sister’s abuse; either one of them. In Sonia’s case, I was a kid and did well just to stay out of it. In Jackie’s case, I was already away from home and when Jackie decided to out the secret, I stood by her…arranged the meeting with Dad where she confronted him and attended that same meeting as Jackie’s supporter. We insisted that Dad tell Mum and I followed up with Mum to make sure that had taken place.

I did do a lot of work on another incest/sexual abuse incident. I went to a small high school of less than 100 students in grade’s 10-12. I stayed out a year after first year university and attended a party in second year. Also attending was a girl named Louise, two years my junior from that same small high school. We had noticed each other in high school but never talked…different circles and she was kind of a loner. We were attracted to each other and I ended up at her place for a nightcap. She chose that opportunity to tell me she was being sexually abused by her father, a man I knew well because we both played pool when I was in high school.

I bolted the scene saying something like it was inappropriate for her to tell me this so early in our acquaintance. I was drinking heavily and frequently suffered blackouts, gaps in my memory even though I continued to interact with others and appeared just normally drunk. I was a fun drunk, not belligerent or obnoxious. Anyway, the next day I had the usual raging hangover but no memory of the girl or her story and we never saw each other again.

Years later, the memory of this evening came back to me and in 2009, I did a lot of work on this incident. Forgiving myself, asking forgiveness etherically from Louise and exploring the timeline had I offered to be her sides-man in confronting her dad and ending the abuse. I made some attempts to locate her as it was clear from the feedback I got etherically that she had not forgiven me and had not dealt effectively with her abuse history. Those attempts were dead ended but the work I did freed me and I continued on my journey.

A week after Dad died in late 2010, the ancestors came calling. There were five or six of them and I don’t think any of them were Dad. ‘You are a stopper!’ they said to me; meaning I was ending the abuse cycle. ‘Yes I am’ and I asked Source to help me at that moment. Source agreed that I had earned the right to act as a stopper and the ancestors passed through me on their way back to Source, ending the cycles of abuse.

It is well known that Lightworkers are clearing obsolete and negative energy for the rest of humanity when they clear things from within their own experience. Sexual abuse and sexual predators were a part of my family on both sides and I am proud to be doing my part in clearing these destructive energies for me and also for humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Judy says:

    amazing sharing John…thank you

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