Nenshi Reelected

Three years ago, Calgary elected a political unknown as mayor. His name is Naheed Nenshi and he is young with obviously non-European ancestry. He is the new breed of politician; someone who supports the interests of his constituents and the community rather than the interests of the ruling elite. It is a measure of the degree of control exercised by the ruling elite that such candidates are few and far between and they rarely get elected.

I voted for the first time in a municipal election because of Nenshi and he has succeeded spectacularly in my opinion; making good on a number of key election promises and an added bonus. Shortly after being elected, Nenshi appointed a committee to investigate the fluoridation of Calgary’s water. The committee recommended against the practice and presented their recommendation to City Council. The Council then voted to discontinue the practice and fluoride additions were stopped in May of 2011. Well done, Nenshi!

One of Nenshi’s reelection promises is to end the long standing Calgary practice of using taxpayers money to subsidize ultra-rich developers. The reasons for this practice defy my understanding…just another tax grab; I guess. That Nenshi has succeeded despite the latent opposition of the controlled media is amazing and that he is able to win battles against the money and influence of the ruling elite speaks volumes…not only for Nenshi but for all of humanity. The time is near when people like Nenshi will be in control world wide. Nice to live in a city that is leading the way.

I walked to my polling station, no small feat since I am dog-sitting and the polling station is a two hour walk each way. I took a detour to my favourite tree, a mature Douglas Fir named Ashram on the south bank of the Bow River. This added a couple of hours to the walk and the round trip was well over six hours.

The detour was well worth it as I received a down-load while meditating in the tranquillity under Ashram. The exact nature of the download is unknown to me but it is related to the shifts necessary to enable me to take my physical body with me into the higher dimensions into which we are ascending. For the younger people, this will be much easier, but for people of my vintage (65) several upgrades are necessary in order for our DNA to carry the necessary light to thrive in the higher dimensions into which we are ascending. I am a way shower and a path-finder and these upgrading down-loads are just a part of my experience.

As is often the case, I found the down-load to be discombobulating and felt out of balance and ‘in another world’ during the rest of my walk. About twenty minutes from home I crossed a knee high wire rope park fence; one I have crossed dozens of times before.

This time Spirit had a special treat in store for me. My first leg went over fine but my following leg tripped on the wire rope and down I went. Everything was in slow motion and I just went with the flow. This location has a diagonal support beam below the wire rope. My face was drawn toward the beam and I struck it a glancing blow along my temple and cheek bone. No damage was done and I picked myself up, dusted off and continued on my way, feeling strangely better for the experience.

‘What was that all about’, I asked? The answer came later; ‘A reboot for the download you received under Ashram.’

Okay…I had a long hot bath when I got home and feel no worse for wear as I write this morning.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Nenshi Reelected

  1. katelon says:

    So glad to read about politicians like this. I think that with the light transformation about 3/4 or more of the US congress could be deleted. It is truly time that governments and those in charge be supporting and furthering policies that honor the earth and ALL of humanity. Glad you are ok after your trip. In the SRT work I do, sometimes Spirit leads us to give someone a spiritual rap on the head. Looks like you got a physical one 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    We need more people to stand up to the ruling elite, and work for the people and common good.

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