Clearing Negative and Obsolete Energies

These last few weeks have been intense for me. Humanity is on the brink of a huge shift from the current shared timeline of duality and scarcity into a brand new shared timeline of oneness and abundance. One of the contributions I am making to these shifts is the clearing of obsolete and negative energies that have been supporting the duality and scarcity timeline. There is lots of these obsolete energies out there these days as support for the old three D paradigm continues to erode. The impact of all this intensity on me is that I am tired and sleeping a great deal. I have a small tear in the back of my left heel as physical evidence, and I am generally feeling and looking tired and bedraggled.

A lot of this work takes place in my sleeping hours and a common occurrence is to be awakened by a disquieting dream with the energies of the dream hanging around within my system. The ‘cure’ for me is to get up and meditate, coalescing the obsolete energies and discharging them back to earth where they are transmuted into energies supporting the shift.

In my waking hours, an interesting phenomenon is occurring over the last two or three weeks. Incidents from my own experience in this lifetime come up for review. These incidents tug at me asking for my attention. In some cases they are familiar and I recognize my old habits of suppressing them and hoping they will go away as has happened many times in the past. That habit works eventually and the incidents reverent to background status, unnoticed until such time as they again occupy centre stage. Why not clear them instead of repressing them? This proved very easy to do once I took this intention. I simply got up close and personal with them and asked all the negative energies associated with them to be cleared to earth using the same process as I use for clearing obsolete energies with non-personal origins. This has worked amazingly well and the negative energies of the piece simple vanish and can no longer be recalled. The memories themselves are still there but the negative connotation that I had previously associated with them is gone. In several of the cases, the incident only had negative aspects so it is like losing a memory. Some had both positive and negative aspects and I will illustrate with one of these.

About thirty years ago I received an honour for sportsmanship and being a pleasant opponent while playing bridge. This honour did not sit well with me and I came to see the entire incident as negative. Why you may ask? My bridge goals were primarily about winning and previous winners of this annual honour were much less accomplished. I guess I did not want to be associated with that approach to the game. Once I cleared the long held negative energies, entirely of my creation in this case, this honour remains in my memory but carries only the positive energies that the bestowers intended.

Another waking hours incident was reading an account of a meeting held between then president elect Obama and the senior former president Bush about five years ago. This meeting was held behind closed doors and Bush raged at Obama for the entire allotted time of about twenty minutes. Basically, Bush’s message was that he and his cohorts, the cabal, were in charge and Obama had better do as they say or face dire consequences with the usual cabal threats of the torture and death of Obama’s family done while he watched. This account kept intruding until I took the hint and cleared the negative energies. The process I used was to step into Obama’s shoes while Bush raged. I could feel Obama’s shock and his indignity as well as his fear and cleared those energies, clearly negative and fast becoming obsolete.

It came to me that Bush’s performance was a bluff or at least a semi-bluff designed to frighten Obama into compliance as it is unclear whether the cabal could have carried out these threats, even five years ago when they held much more power. I am not suggesting that Obama should have taken a more direct route to ending the cabal’s control in the USA as the cabal certainly would have caused some chaos but I am saying that Bush was partly bluffing. As it was, Obama has played a masterful game of overt compliance to cabal orders while finding weaknesses and loopholes as he has slowly proceeded with ousting the cabal. The most recent public incident was the debt crisis. The cabal was behind this public event pulling the strings and targeting the implementation of martial law. Obama just waited them out. The cabal relieved a number of generals of their posts when they would not support the martial law plan and it was postponed or perhaps cancelled. The final chapter of removing the US military from cabal control will soon be written.

Much progress has taken place world wide in the ending of the cabal’s power. The controlled media reports none of this and spins what they do report to appear as though nothing has changed but we are very close to a final reckoning, very close to that tipping point soon to occur where the cabal and their minions are ousted and people supporting oneness and abundance come into world wide control.

Long overdue in my humble opinion.

Freedom for humanity…


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