The Oneness Path

I came across something that predicts this December will bring about the changes predicted for last year with this year’s full moon standing in for 12/21/12 (last year’s solstice). Two earths and each of us choosing where we want to go, e.g. bifurcation and the division of humanity. It stirred something within me; something deep and fundamental. Here are my thoughts:

The two earth thing is not going to happen; nor is the division of humanity. We are all ascending together, remaining one. Humanity made the oneness choice last December and everything that has happened since is travelling the path the oneness choice created; travelling the oneness path.

On the oneness path, humanity first ousts the current self interested ruling elite. This permits abundance to happen. The masses then get exposure to living in abundance and are able to make an informed choice about ascension and the oneness therein contained. All of humanity will be together for some time after the shift, after the ruling elite is ousted and the cabal (ruling elite leadership) is no longer in power, with Truth in the news and world leadership dedicated to oneness and abundance. Humanity will make a giant step toward ascension by this shift and ascension will be a natural evolution based on the bright and beautiful changes that will be implemented and on the fact that Earth herself (Gaia) is now the home for 5D life (this happened on 12/12/12). Humanity will simply be growing into that reality. When the decision point comes to choose ascension or not after some as yet unspecified period of life without the negative influences of the current ruling elite, a small fraction of humanity will still make the choice (free will) of continuing in 3D scarcity but there will be no 3D earth (no bifurcation). The ruling elite will not have the option of continuing their illusion; which is what would happen in the bifurcation scenario. Nor will the currently misinformed masses be forced to make their choice within the misinformation that currently predominates.

That is the shared reality I am creating (not alone; with many others) and it is gaining support; worldwide. The Russians and the Chinese are leading the way and the strongholds of the cabal, the leadership of the self-interested ruling elite, are shrinking daily. In one report, only the US and Israel remain as strongholds and the elected president of the US (Obama) supports the Light, supports the shift where the ruling elite is ousted.

Essentially this removes the ruling elite’s self interested option of continuing to misuse the power and the advantages they have gained within a world controlled by dark (self-interested) powers. My choice is to end that abuse of power. It is not in alignment with a universe created with love as the highest power, the highest authority.

Those interested in continuing to tamper with the free will of others can continue such paths but not with the current set of advantages, not with a ready made human population of guinea pigs. The current reign of self-interest based on misinformation and economic slavery will end; not only for humanity but for the entire universe. That choice will no longer be available…not for the ruling elite and not for the misinformed masses.

Humanity’s oneness path has made the scarcity option obsolete.

Freedom for humanity…


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1 Response to The Oneness Path

  1. Judy says:

    Thank you, John…very insightful summary…Judy

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