The Last Star Wars Battle?

Sometime in the mid to late 1990’s the dark creator god surrendered to the Light’s agenda, ending the star wars that had been raging for the last two million or so years. Ankara, the dark creator god, was authorized by Source to test the strength of Love against the best that the dark could muster and many of the reptilian races were his creation with the purpose of taking control of the universe. Ankara knew of the plan for ascension and surrendered to that agenda about fifteen years before to allow preparatory work. He advised his created races to do likewise. To a large extent these races obeyed and the hostilities ceased.

A few holdouts remained including parts of the coalition ruling earth and humanity has yet to oust these renegades although much progress has been made and the end result is no longer in doubt; or is it?

A loosely knit star wars fighting unit made up of various warriors of the Light called the Silver Legion was formed for the purposes of protecting Earth from space invasion while humanity completes the task of ousting humanity’s current dark rulers. With all the main branches of the former dark forces surrendered, this was felt to be more precautionary than anything else but none the less, the Silver Legion manned their posts.

On November 11th, the Silver Legion intercepted seven dark scout ship and asked their intentions. The stories were inconsistent and soon an armada of dark ships appeared and a battle ensued to prevent the dark armada from proceeding to Earth. The Sun threatened the armada with a solar flare, against which they had no defence, and uncharacteristically, they quickly surrounded to the Silver Legion forces.

The purpose of the invading armada has not yet been determined. Had they come in peace asking to rescue reptilians and cabal members currently besieged on Earth, this would have been allowed; so some other purpose underlay the invasion and it is being viewed as a last ditch attempt by renegade forces supporting those currently controlling Earth.

This much is known. The invading forces were not state of the art, more like a vestige of the once powerful dark forces; a bit like the Japanese soldiers on remote islands that remained loyal to the Japanese Emperor years after the end of WWII, even though the Emperor himself had surrendered to end WWII.

Was this a last gasp for those supporting Earth’s beleaguered dark forces? It is being viewed as such in light of current information. The armada’s total defeat must be very demoralizing for those continuing the effort to maintain the ruling elite’s control over humanity. This invasion force came as a total surprise to the Silver Legion and to the Galactic Federation so who is to say other renegade forces do not exist out there somewhere in the vastness of this universe.

At any rate, the success of the Silver Legion’s protection efforts is to be applauded and humanity remains free to continue the slow but sure ousting of their current dark masters. The tipping point is in the offing.

It is well known that star war battles are becoming a thing of the past as all star nations adopt the Light’s agenda of love and individual sovereignty and this November 11 attempted invasion may well represent the last great star wars battle. Sure hope so!

On behalf of humanity, I thank the Silver Legion for the protection afforded us. Lord knows we are far from capable of protecting ourselves; especially with leadership that currently is targeting the obsolete dark agendas of subjugation and control.

Thank, you, thank you, thank you.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Last Star Wars Battle?

  1. Judy says:

    Indeed…three loud cheers for the Silver Legion…great post…thank you, John!

    • Thanks, Judy. I am ‘getting’ that part of the invader’s unknown agenda was to surrender in ways acceptable to their warrior mentality. They were tired of the renegade life and chose this losing battlefield to surrender to the Light. 🙂

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