The Battle for Humanity’s Shared Timeline

Humanity’s current shared timeline is an artificial construct designed, engineered and maintained by the world’s ruling elite. Only a very small and exclusive club at the very apex of the ruling elite know the full plan; the rest take their orders within whatever department they work. The ruling elite’s timeline is characterized by two things, duality and scarcity; and the underlying emotion is fear, fear of scarcity and fear of those who are not like you. Duality is us against them and all sorts of artificial divisions have been created to keep humanity divided. Countries, religions, wars and the biggest of all, the haves and the have nots. Scarcity is the artificial construct of ‘there is not enough so we all compete for our share’. Money is the prime driver of scarcity and the banking systems are designed to funnel the world’s money supply into a few rich pockets while the rest of humanity struggles to make ends meet.

An alterative timeline exists.

This timeline is characterized by oneness and abundance; and the underlying emotion is love. This timeline recognizes the metaphysical truth that ‘we are all one’, just a bunch of individuations from the same source sharing the same DNA and loving one another. This timeline taps into universal abundance and scarcity is a thing of the past. Energy is free in this timeline since all of space is encoded with unlimited energy and humanity simply taps into that infinite source of energy for all their energy needs. All survival needs are also encoded in space and technologies exist to access whatever anyone needs. Travel is based on intention and is simple and virtually instantaneous. Money and competition become things of the past since all that we need is there for the taking.

Why would humanity chose the timeline of duality and scarcity instead of the timeline of oneness and abundance?

Fear and ignorance. Ignorance has been the biggest factor to date. A certain level of technological competence is required to access universal abundance and since the Fall 12,000 years ago, that technological competence was lost. About a hundred years ago a man called Tesla discovered many of the attributes of universal abundance but the ruling elite of his day, headed by J.P. Morgan, ‘befriended’ Tesla and kept his abundance discoveries from the rest of humanity…even falsified his equations so others could not replicate his results. The patent system is used to hid other abundance discoveries with inventors bought out or intimidated into silence, killed if need be. Keeping universal abundance out of the hands of the masses is a major undertaking and the ruling elite have spared no expense in this regard, including creating the illusion that humanity is alone in the universe, covering up decades of visitations by friendly extraterrestrials (ETs) and denying their very existence. This is entirely necessary from the viewpoint of duality and scarcity since the ETs know all about abundance technology and travel by intention; and they are willing to freely share this knowledge.

Fear has always played a role in maintaining duality and scarcity. Those who oppose are threatened and killed if necessary. President Kennedy is the best know example of someone killed because of his intention to bring forth abundance; and there have been countless others.

Meanwhile the ruling elite carries out a wide variety of dirty tricks to maintain the timeline of duality and scarcity. Chemtrails in our skies adding toxins to dumb us down, fluoride in our water to clog up our crown chakra, GMOs in the food we eat, physical and etheric implants in our bodies are a few of the dirty tricks the ruling elite is using to continue their favoured timeline.

Now the good news.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, over twenty five years ago, Lightworkers supporting the timeline of oneness and abundance have been winning the battles at the level of creation to determine humanity’s future timeline. The timeline of oneness and abundance is by now a clear winner and we are simply in the gestation period before the physical birthing of the oneness and abundance timeline.

The battle for humanity’s shared timeline has already been won, over and over again. Soon we will witness the physical birthing of the oneness and abundance timeline and that timeline will become our shared reality.

Awesome time to be alive.

Freedom for humanity…


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