Fifty Years – Post Kennedy Assassination

‘Where were you when Kennedy was shot?’ That used to be a common question and a conversation starter back in the day. Everyone had an answer unique to them. Kennedy’s assassination was a watershed of the human experience. We all knew at a subliminal level that life would have been very different had Kennedy lived and been allowed to fulfill his ambitious presidential agenda.

I was in grade ten in Neilburg, a small town in Saskatchewan with a total enrolment of perhaps one hundred students in their local high school. The school principle had us all out in the hall, we did not have an auditorium, to watch the breaking news on the school’s television. Then sent us all home for the day.

What was Kennedy’s agenda? Nothing less than to bring the Light into the world. Without doubt he would have invited the friendly galactics for their input and who knows what would have happened. Earth was part of dark held territory at the time, that did not change until thirty plus years later, so the battle for humanity’s timeline may not have ended in favour of the Light even had Kennedy succeeded. Perhaps it would have resulted in a dark led invasion from space. We will never know as Kennedy’s assassination and five years later, the twin assassinations of Martin Luther King and Kennedy’s brother Bobby, then about to be nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate ended the Light’s campaign to prepare for the ending of the era of duality and for ascension in 2012.

Lets say Ankara (the dark creator god) and his dark minions allowed earth and humanity the influence of Light based Galactics. Quite possible since the Earth experiment was authorized by Source and preparations for the ascension event at the December solstice of 2012 may have gotten Ankara’s nod of approval. This leaves Earth and humanity on a timeline of preparing for ascension initiated by the success of Kennedy’s agenda.

When I step into the timeline of Kennedy’s success in his eight years in office what I get is complexity and lots of it. Humanity was in the closing years of the era of duality, which did not end until the fall of 2011, so these past fifty years would have been filled with battles between the self-interested dark and the greater good Light. Agendas such as the dark’s total control of the press would have been mitigated and free energy would have ended the reign of big oil, but the dark still had support and plenty of it.

Kennedy would have ended the CIA’s dark led interventions around the world and he would have ended the Federal Reserves control of the US money supply, thus ending the US national debt and the interest payments incurred. Where all this leads creates a great deal of complexity and a myriad of potential timelines. Suffice to say the Light would have had powerful champions and the dark’s agenda would have been eroded and ended long before now.

Within that scenario, it seems likely that when Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 90’s nearly twenty years ago, the Earth’s dark minions would have followed suit and humanity would have had nearly two decades to prepare for ascension.

That is the scenario I signed on for when I incarnated in this lifetime. Within that scenario, I would have worked the Light agenda in my working career and I would have made my spiritual preparations well in advance of Ankara’s surrender. The Harmonic Convergence would have happened in a far more public way and the Light would have been in ascendency long before the ascension event in 2012. Humanity would have been well prepared and would have ascended as planned at the December solstice of 2012.

That timeline ended in Dallas fifty years ago when President Kennedy was assassinated. The dark reassumed near total control of humanity’s shared timeline and used the lessons learned in the assassination and subsequent coverup to advance their dark agenda of the subjugation and control of humanity. The earth’s dark had another thirty plus years of support and preparations and when Ankara surrendered, they (the earth’s dark) felt secure enough to ignore Ankara’s advice and continue the dark’s agenda without off world support.

That is what we have lived through these last twenty years. 9/11was the pivotal event in the earth’s dark campaign to gain total control. 9/11 resulted in the passing of the Patriots Act which gave the dark a legal position to proceed and the earth’s dark worked tirelessly and brazenly towards the total subjugation of humanity. As we shall soon see, this was a futile effort and the combined forces of the earth’s Lightworkers supported by Light based ETs in our skies and the already ascended Agarthans beneath our feet is seeing an historic shift take place. We are leaving the dark timeline of duality and scarcity and beginning the Light’s timeline of oneness and abundance.

Instead of fifty years of preparation as would have been the case in the timeline of Kennedy’s success, humanity entered the timeline we have lived; the timeline of an inclusive ascension process where ascension itself is delayed in order for the earth’s dark to be ousted and a Light based agenda to be adopted and implemented by the Lightworkers of humanity; all of course supported by various off-world light supporters.

Had Kennedy lived and succeeded it would all have happened much differently but it is happening none the less.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to Fifty Years – Post Kennedy Assassination

  1. Judy says:

    Thank you, John….

  2. Bill Weiser says:

    Uh, President Kennedy was President for less than three years, not eight. If you count his time as a Senator, then it was almost eleven years.

  3. Thanks Bill. I am aware of Kennedy’s short term. This blog entry is based on him winning a second term and seeing that to its conclusion. đŸ™‚

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