Mythical Gods and Goddesses

Information is coming to light that there is a major and mostly unknown factor in the creation of the illusion of scarcity and duality. That illusion has created and maintained humanity’s shared timeline for the past several thousand years. This factor is a lifeform that exists in non-physical form. This lifeform is parasitic and lives off the negative energies that humanity generates. In some reports, they harvest these energies and creating more is their raison d’être.

A few days ago, I was introduced to this concept and it resonated so profoundly that I asked to understand it more fully. This is what has come to me within that process.

The mythical gods and goddesses of ancient time existed in many cultures all over the globe. Most well known are the Greek gods such as Zeus and the Roman gods such as Mars but there are also the Norse gods such as Thor, Egyptian gods such as Isis, Hindu gods such as Shiva, and many more. Native Americans had their own set of gods often tied to nature, the source of all livelihood. Nearly all so called pagan religions had diverse gods, often distinct from prime creator.

The original biblical texts had several different words for god but the translations we now have unified all these words into the single word and the single being that religions of the book know as God.

Here now is the information that has come to me.

This parasitic lifeform is the eternal essence of these gods. In mythical times, these beings chose embodiment and lived lifetimes as human beings. They were much more highly evolved than their human counterparts and had access to advanced technology so they appeared god-like, often acting as rulers of the people they lived amongst. Ergo, the myths. Since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, which occurred in the same timeframe around 12,000 years ago, these beings have had their way with humanity. The embodiment lifetimes took place in the first part of the epoch but in recorded history, these beings have chosen to remain in spirit, invisible to humankind.

Invisible but not without influence. These beings did the original re-engineering of humanity’s DNA to limit our awareness and trap us in semi-consciousness all these millennia. These beings have orchestrated humanity’s litany of misery…wars, plagues, slavery in its various forms, all the manifestations of duality and scarcity that have plagued humanity all these years. They have cultivated human minions, and evolved along with humanity, using these minions to inflict misery upon humanity and exporting that misery globally from their initial power base of the Mediterranean basin. I have had many lifetimes wrestling with these beings, or rather with their human minions, and losing to their ruthlessness and to their greater physical power; dying premature deaths many times in many places. In ways we do not yet fully understand, these beings have created and maintained the darkness world-wide.

These are the beings who have supported the earth’s ruling elite. These are the beings who refused to surrender to the Light’s agenda nearly two decades ago when the galactic wars ended and instead chose to continue their dark agenda of subjugating humanity.

Some of these beings have defected into the Light, Athena and Isis are two well known examples, but enough remained in service of dark agendas to continue the fight for humanity’s shared timeline. It is coming to me that their consumption of the energies of human misery is an addiction, not a need, and they can return to a path of Light if they so choose. That will be the result of the shift into the shared human timeline of oneness and abundance and it will serve us to welcome all who so choose to continue within the new and beautiful timeline soon to take root.

Within the coming bright and beautiful timeline of oneness and abundance, humanity will be forever freed of the influence of these purveyors of darkness. Those who chose, can join us in the Light, those who refuse will have to create darkness and misery somewhere else; humanity will no longer be an available source.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Judy says:

    another “goodie” …thank you, John…

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