English Common Law

England has played an important role in human history and without the gift of common law, which germinated on this island close to the mainland of Europe and survived all manner of threats and attacks by forces aligned with the darkness, humanity would not be where we are now…on the cusp of a life altering shift into the bright and beautiful timeline of oneness and abundance.

I am no fan of the British Monarchy and especially of Henry VIII who ruled England in the first half of the 1500’s until his death in 1547. However, his desire for a male heir to the throne created a schism that prevented the all powerful Church of Rome from continuing on a path of dominating all of the European royal families. Henry broke from the Church of Rome when the Pope refused his request to annul his first marriage to his wife of twenty years who did not produce a male heir. Henry, a man who did not take no for an answer made himself the head of the Church of England and annulled his own marriage. Eventually he sired a son in one of his subsequent marriages (six in total) and that son, Edward, succeeded him when he died in 1547 and the church created for that purpose continued on without ties to the Pope and the Church of Rome.

Various attempts were made by Catholics with claims to the English throne to return England to homage to the Pope but all were short lived or entirely unsuccessful and the England remained a Protestant country free of the excesses of the Church of Rome, most especially the horror of the Inquisition; and the human torture sanctioned by the Inquisition. Under common law, torture was considered illegal and even though the Inquisition was begun by the Church of Rome centuries before Henry’s rule, the Inquisition had never been particularly effective in England because torture, and confessions thus gained were not considered legal.

The ruler’s of Spain took the Inquisition to another level around the time of Henry’s birth and began their own Inquisition, operated by the State instead of the Church. They used it for religious cleansing and whatever other purposes were deemed appropriate by the State. Henry very much believed in the Divine Right of Kings and had many people killed for not agreeing with him, but torture was not part of his methods; and the concept of common law continued to be honoured in England.

England remained a bastion of common law and over the years deposed at least one monarch who dared tamper with the rights of the people and the rights of parliament. Common law was so important in the grand scheme of things that the ETs (extraterrestrials) and the Angelics interceded on more than one occasion when England’s sovereignty was threatened.

One such occasion was the English defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, a very improbable outcome based on the relative power structures of the day and the Spanish advantages in war-faring technology. The Spanish King attempted another armada ten years later, even more superior to the English defenders but this one ran into such bad weather that they retreated in disarray and in greatly reduced numbers back to Spanish ports. The Spanish King finally got the message that his war-faring attempts to bring the Inquisition to England’s soil would not be allowed to succeed; and discontinued these attempts. English common law survived.

Another attempt at ending England’s common law occurred in WWII. Nazi Germany targeted to bring their own form of darkness to England. They succeeded across Europe but could never crack the tough little nut that was England, led by Churchill. Again the ETs and Angelics intervened on behalf of England, both in the conventional war-fare that took place and most especially in preventing Nazi German from developing the Atomic Bomb. Had Nazi Germany succeeded in becoming the first to develop this technology, England’s resistance would soon have become surrender and the Nazi agenda would soon thereafter have ended English common law.

Information is now coming to light that common law was so valued by off-world supporters of the Light that the past itself has been rewritten on more than one occasion, creating the timeline humanity now travels, the timeline of the survival of common law in England made possible by England’s unbroken sovereignty.

Amazing what influence this tiny island has had on human history. Common law has thus remained a bastion of the Light; and is now on the cusp of being adopted world-wide.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Judy says:

    Learned a lot…thanks John…Judy

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