Sometimes it is Not Yours

In the couple of years I spent going to meditation retreats, my teacher’s taught me many things and one of the most important was that ‘sometimes its’s not yours’. These people believed in feedback and a portion of each day was dedicated to a group discussion of everyone’s experience. This lesson was repeated time and again as people would report various emotions coming out of a lengthy meditation session. Rarely would they allow protracted discussion of negative emotions, repeating this mantra as a possible explanation. ‘You may be clearing stuff for humanity’ they would say and move on to the next. Of course sometimes you were clearing your own stuff but that was clear enough and not something everyone needed to hear. Sometimes they were right and the mysterious negative emotion, be it fear or anger or betrayal or whatever would eventually disappear into the ethers from whence it came.

All of this was excellent training for the work I have been doing these last three or four years which consists in large measure in clearing negative and obsolete energies related to the outgoing timeline of duality and scarcity. You see, none of this is mine anymore as my personal timeline is a timeline of oneness and abundance and has been for several years now. However, I am often given obsolete negative energies and asked to clear them. This is a relatively simple matter for me now after this capability was activated in me when I was visiting my favourite tree, a mature Douglas Fir on the banks of the Bow River here in Calgary.

These energies are not destroyed, they are recycled and Gaia is my resource in transforming these energies. All I do is act as a capacitor to collect these obsolete energies and I discharge them to Earth, to Gaia, for transformation like manure used as fertilizer in a field. The same energy that used to support the timeline of duality and scarcity is transformed and recycled as energy supporting oneness and abundance. I am not alone in doing this work as many others are doing similar work.

Today, I am feeling this anger and resentment. It is nameless and faceless, just the general feeling of anger and resentment at what is going on, and has gone on, in the world around me. It has nothing to do with me as my world and my relationships are fine; it is all about the outgoing timeline and the outgoing power structures. Things like economic slavery, control of the mainstream media, warmongering, people living in poverty, whistleblowers and journalist being intimidated and killed…all manner of ugliness and repression as the ruling elite fights desperately to maintain control and breath life into the dying timeline of duality and scarcity. This is a losing struggle; I know it, they know it, our off world supporters know it; but that does not prevent those invested in power and subjugation from doing what they do in their desperate attempts to breath life into a dying timeline.

Something is up. Something big and beautiful. Something we humans can only imagine and not very accurately at that. A shift is coming that will see the birthing of a bright and beautiful timeline…a timeline featuring free energy with the end of poverty in all its forms, the end of slavery in all its forms, the end of war, the end of us and them. That timeline is beyond our wildest imaginings and days like today bring it ever closer.

Sometimes it is NOT mine, and I give thanks for days like today filled with nameless anger and faceless resentment because I know we, e.g. humanity, are moving ever closer to a bright and beautiful future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Freedom for humanity…


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