The Sixties – Make Love, Not War

I have witnessed two great attempts to bring Light into the darkness that has dominated our world for millennia. One is happening now and will succeed, in fact has already succeeded but is not yet manifest in the physical. The other happened in my youth, in the 1960s.

The Light based revolution of the sixties was centred in the United States and was orchestrated by the youth of America. It grew and thrived on college campuses across the US and spawned various antiestablishment movements and a great deal of protest. The unpopular Vietnam war fuelled this revolution as college age males were drafted into the armed forces and taken, largely against their will, to fight in an ugly war half way around the world. Two symbols of that youth based revolution are still with us; the two fingered salutation of ‘Peace’ and the upside down trident in the circle also designating peace. ‘Make Love, not War’ was the mantra of that peace loving generation sometimes known as the flower children.

Music fuelled the peace movement along with booze and drugs and many of this generation were awakened and saw the truth of our world; controlled by people and corporations who desired profit above all else and were willing to create misery and mayhem in order to achieve their aims. How close did the flower children, the youth of the sixties mostly in the US, come to shifting humanity?

I cannot answer that as yet although that information will soon be available. I can tell you that the ruling elite of the day were running scared and resorted to a variety of dirty tricks to maintain control and brought down the hammer at the beginning of the new decade to solidify their control.

The youth of the sixties were largely unsupported in all of this. They were mocked and marginalized in the media and their peace loving ways were trumpeted to be economically unviable. One by one, the artificial scarcity of the ruling elite’s chosen timeline brought them in line. They had to make a living and economic slavery was an everyday reality. Protestors were not paid and treated as a criminal element by the establishment’s forces which included the police. It was the Kent State Massacre in May of 1970 that effectively ended the youth led revolution. Unarmed students were fired upon by the National Guard killing four and wounding nine more at the Ohio campus of Kent State. It was one thing to be beaten by baton wielding lawmen and thrown in jail for a few days; it was quite another thing to be shot at with live ammunition. The ‘man’ had spoken.

This was the death knell of the Light based youth led movement of the sixties but in truth, it was running out of steam anyway. The leaders of the Light had all been eliminated; the Kennedy family had been decimated with two assassinations and the discrediting by scandal of another brother. Martin Luther King had been assassinated and his civil rights campaign was fragmented. The dark was firmly back in control in Washington including a president (Nixon) very much in favour of their agenda. It was business as usual with the ruling elite very much back in full control.

The darkness had prevailed.

Only now, five decades later has the Light been able to mount another offensive. Many of the Lightworkers active today witnessed the revolution of the sixties and were influenced by the youth of that period. We learned many lessons, both from their successes and from their failures.

Victory for the Light is now upon us.

Make love, not war.

Freedom for humanity…


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