The Winter Solstice of 2013

Tomorrow is the solstice, the winter solstice here in Canada, with the sun over the Tropic of Capricorn about to begin its six month journey back to the Tropic of Cancer and our summer. If you happen to live in the Central Time Zone only a province or two to the east, the time of the solstice will be 11.11a.m. Sadly I live a timezone to the west in the Mountain Time Zone and it happens here an hour earlier, at 10.11. Either way, the 21st is the shortest day of the year.

We are one year removed from 12-21-12 when many, including me, predicted a major event to occur. I called it the ascension event and humanity or a part of humanity was predicted to ascend into a higher dimension, leaving behind all manner of ugliness that has been foisted upon us…or perhaps that we collectively have chosen. Both ways of looking at the ugliness around us are correct by the way. The magic date came and went without major fireworks, neither apocalyptic (as some predicted) or mind-blowing as I predicted and here we are a year later, seemingly in the same spot.

For many who were on the fence in the ‘wait and see’ mode a year ago, this delay has signalled the insanity of the entire preposterous idea of ascension and this group, often called the unawakened masses, has little patience for my ongoing message. What is that message?

Ascension was not cancelled, it was only delayed; e.g. postponed to a future date.

Humanity played a major role in this postponement. Had last year’s solstice been used as the ascension event, a significant portion of humanity would have been left behind…many of us were simply not ready. Ascension has always been a free-will choice and because the media is owned and controlled by those who do not want ascension to happen, the mainstream media has done their best to foster the opinion that ascension is a hoax, much like the manufactured computer crisis that occurred at the turn of the century. The unawakened masses buy this point of view hook, line and sinker, and expect humanity to continue living the extinction timeline we presently travel upon. Most agree with this gloomy prognosis but argue…’what can we do?’

As it turns out, we can do plenty and we already have. Those that control humanity’s current shared timeline are few in number and although most of humanity slumbers and allows the few to decide for the many, a significant portion of humanity has awakened and has waged an ongoing battle to determine humanity’s future shared timeline. Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, this awakened portion of humanity, commonly called the Lightworkers, has been consistently defeating the darkness in fights to determine humanity’s future shared timeline. Why have we not seen a change? Why does humanity continue to toil in the darkness of a shared timeline that can only end in disaster? Because timelines have a lot of momentum and like a huge ocean liner going full speed ahead, it takes time to stop and turn that baby around…and make no mistake, the Lightworker’s chosen timeline is the opposite of our current shared timeline.

What will happen on the solstice one year removed from the expected ascension event? I do not know and this time I am not predicting a major event to occur on the solstice. A major event is cued up and ready to go and some are predicting the solstice to trigger it but I am thinking and feeling that the solstice will simply be another in a long line of energetic events where energies aiding Lightworkers and helping to awaken the masses is beamed our way but most pay little heed. These energetic events are noticed by me and by many others but it is incremental, not mind-blowing.

I am joining many others in anticipating a cosmic event in the near future where the ascension energies are profound and noticed by all; but I do not think the solstice will trigger this cosmic event. I also believe a shift is in the offing. The shift is a human event where the beleaguered ruling elite are toppled from their ill-gained pedestal as humanity’s rulers and are replaced by Lightworkers at all levels. This will include huge financial shifts and the physical birthing of the Lightworker’s chosen timeline, the timeline of oneness and abundance. The cosmic event and the human event are related but not the same and either one can occur before the other. Both are necessary and I believe the human event will happen first, no doubt assisted by cosmic energies.

I believe the cosmic event, the ascension event, will not happen until humanity begins living the timeline of oneness and abundance. That is the only way for the unawakened masses to be able to make an informed choice about whether to ascend or not.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Judy says:

    Thanks, John…this helped me today, Judy

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