Supplying the Nazi War Effort

The last lifetime I have been shown was as a British industrialist who died rich and lonely around 1900. This lifetime was as close as any I have been shown to a lifetime serving the dark. I stopped short of doing anything illegal but used the considerable advantages the rich have in this world along with a single minded focus on ‘my good’ as determined by my small self. This lifetime taught me the futility of a lifetime based on accumulation and greed as my death was a lonely affair; no one loved me, including me.

I chose to sit out (stay in spirit) the next half century as I knew it would be filled with war; an activity I did not want to take part in at the human level. Not that I washed my hands of it all…I remained within the angelic realm doing what I could to continue a timeline where the dark did not gain complete control in the hopes that humanity could find their way into the current timeline of ousting the dark without an apocalypse.

The German war effort, masterminded by Hitler politically and by a group of German industrialists at the economic level, represented a major offensive by the dark in their attempts to gain full control over humanity.

In the early war years, Germany had success after success, moving at will over Europe and those who opposed them were in grave danger of being swept away. By 1940, all that stood in the Nazi’s way of total domination was the vastness of Russia and their coming winter and a little island off the coast of France called Britain. The US was pursuing a policy of neutrality that did not end until Pearl Harbor in December of 1941.

The German war effort was well supported on the supply side including a network of subsidiaries based in the US. The dark’s cover story that a strong Nazi Germany was the best defence against the spread of communism was well supported at the highest levels in the US. There was also a strong anti-British sentiment throughout the US. In the early war years, it was unclear whose side the US would join in the event they entered the war. Meanwhile US industrialists ‘made hay while the sun shines’ supporting and supplying both sides in the war; a well honoured technique of the dark.

Churchill wanted all this stopped and asked the British Secret Service to take on the daunting task of sabotaging the US based German support and raising US based support for the British cause. A Scottish Highlander by the name of Donald MacLaren played the central role in these efforts. In order to gather intelligence, he posed as an industrialist wanting to align with the German subsidiaries and used what he learned to find ways to influence the situation in favour of Britain.

His master stroke came in the spring of 1942. He published a 70 page pamphlet called Sequel to the Apocalypse, detailing what he had learned and calling for the US to act against the German subsidiaries operating on US soil. 200,000 copies were printed and sold at 25 cents each. It was a public relations disaster for the German subsidiaries and their US based supporters. The US government felt compelled to respond and shut down the German subsidiaries operating on US soil. Overnight, the Germans lost their US war supply network.

The tide of the war turned and the US became a key element of the Allied forces. Britain remained sovereign and the dark’s agenda of total world domination was once again sidelined.

I wrote all this yesterday before leaving for my New Year’s Eve Party but pushed the wrong button and saw it swallowed up in cyber-space. I asked why and the Universe informed me on my walk to the party that my lifetime as a British industrialist was in part as preparation for providing help to this aspect of the British war efforts. It seems I worked from behind the veil in support of Donald MacLaren and assisted him as he posed as an industrialist.

Interesting twists and turns as the veil lifts and the history of our soul comes into view.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Supplying the Nazi War Effort

  1. katelon says:

    Interesting article. I had read that article yesterday, too, about the British spy and how the Bush family supported the Nazis. It was interesting to read, too, that Rockefeller, i think it was, started Standard Oil, as my Dad and Grandfather ran a Standard oil bulk plant.

    So, according to this post, perhaps your lifetime involved with what you called self interest and greed, really was to prepare you to help the light, so not really dark at all.

  2. All true, Katelon. 🙂

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