My Gift to Humanity

A couple of years ago, in December 2011, I went to see a gifted Calgary based healer by the name of Melonie Old. She is pioneering the human capability to update human auras without the aid of the process we call death. As we enter the new era and birth the timeline of oneness and abundance, this skill will be much required as people will live much longer lifetimes and regularly outgrow their auras. Auras are designed to be static in order to attract the targeted life lessons; again and again if necessary.

Melonie explained that I had ‘graduated’ recently from ‘earth school’, having learned all the lessons taught here and I was ready for the next phase of my human experience, the phase of bringing my unique gift to humanity. It would take a month or so to adjust to the new aura, one designed specifically for this new phase and I was not to rush things but I was to be single-minded in my dedication to bringing my unique gift, whatever that may be, to humanity.

I already had the skills of single-mindedness and the skills of being fully dedicated to my life purpose through the unique skill of surrender and I waited for my unique gift to be made known to me. At first I thought it may be rejuvenation and I even started a team dedicated to bringing rejuvenation to humanity. This gift did not take root and neither did the team and it slowly became clear to me that I was to look elsewhere for my gift; or more properly, I was to be open and allow my gift to come to me.

Three months later, around the time of the spring equinox of 2012, information began coming into my field that it was time to oust the ruling elite. I had done my homework a couple of years earlier and was aware of a small, unelected group of people who controlled our current reality and brought an entirely self-interested approach to setting and maintaining humanity’s current shared reality. Economic slavery, national debts the world over carrying interest charges payable to them, the controlled media including various cover-ups and lies, wars and warmongering, fuel based energy, the ET cover-up and much much more is all attributable to this small self-interested group of people deliberately bringing misery and death to the masses in order to live a privileged lifestyle of their choosing.

I joined the global effort to oust these people and end the illusion of their creation and here is a short history of what has taken place to date. Within a month or so, (April ’12) I became aware of the possibility that the ruling elite could voluntarily surrender and participate in an orderly transfer of power. This had great appeal to me and I threw my shoulder fully to the collective effort to bring this to pass. The Light set a deadline of the summer solstice, six months before the planned ascension event at the end of 2012. Much progress was made but in the end, hardliners within the ruling elite won out and the surrender option went by the boards.

Within days, the Angelics implemented containment, a process that rehabilitates and prevents people from taking actions harmful to the greater good. Containment was used sparingly as it violates the free will of the people contained but within weeks, all key threats to ascension were placed in containment. By the fall equinox of 2012, the ruling elite no longer posed a treat to ascension and humanity was on course for a portion of humanity to ascend in a few months, at the end of 2012. Ousting of the ruling elite would follow.

When the ascension event came, humanity put out the surprise request to delay humanity’s ascension so that all of humanity could ascend together. This request was agreed to by Source and humanity began walking the timeline of an inclusive ascension process. Since all threats to ascension were now in containment, humanity’s ascension would be a slow and orderly process, avoiding apocalyptic processes leading to the humanity’s new ascension timeline, and the shared experience of oneness and abundance.

That is a brief description of the entire year of 2013 that has just ended. Humanity has made much progress toward the ousting of the ruling elite and the birthing of the shared timeline of oneness and abundance; however, to date…the ousting of the ruling elite has not happened and humanity’s shared timeline continues to be one of scarcity and duality.

2014 will see these shifts occur, of that I am confident…but when that will happen I do not know. Like all of you, I wait. Unlike many of you, I am doing all that I am asked to do and all that is mine to do to effect the changes I desire. Unlike many of you, I work diligently day in and day out to bring my gift to humanity…the gift of ousting the current ruling elite; the gift of making room for Lightworker’s to take over world governance; and most of all, the gift of birthing the shared timeline of oneness and abundance.

We are very close.

How my life will shift once my gift is given to humanity I do not know. That is not currently my focus as I single-mindedly pursue my mission of ousting the current self-interested ruling elite and birthing a shared timeline based on oneness and abundance.

Freedom for humanity…


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