Just Be

Just be…if you are pursuing a spiritual path, even casually, you will have run across this advice. It is all over the spiritual landscape, teachers teach it, writers write it, gurus of every kind and description pontificate this seemingly essential and unescapable piece of wisdom.

If you are anything like me it will have gotten stuck sideways on occasion and made a little more sense at other times but never has it fully resonated. It seemed too restrictive to me. What if my mission or my guidance called upon me to do something? This would seem a violation of the essential wisdom…Just BE.

Like many Lightworkers the world over, the holiday season and the new year have been dynamic energy wise. There have been days when all I could do was hang out in my one bedroom apartment and take naps until it was time to go to bed. Days when I felt completely enervated and unable to do anything at all; where even preparing a meal was just too much. I had one of these days on Sunday. Fortunately, I don’t work for anyone except myself and did not have to be anywhere or do anything. On that day, it was very easy for me to follow the spiritual wisdom of just being. That was all I was capable of doing.

Sometime during that long listless day, this piece of wisdom jumped out at me and made total sense. It came to me that I don’t have to do anything or interact with anyone in order to do what I am here to do. All I have to do is be.

There was more to this epiphany and I will do my best to capture the essence. Since May of 2006, nearly eight years ago, I have lived my life in complete surrender…following without judgement and in joy, the guidance that emanates from within, the guidance that speaks to me and has always spoken to me but which I second guessed for the first half century of this lifetime. That guidance is linked to the greater good and linked to living my mission and it is infallible. Why then did I not always follow it? Because I thought I knew better, or because I feared something, or because some other action seemed superior at the time. Having lived for close to a decade exclusively following my guidance, I can tell you all these thoughts were illusory and the following of my inner guidance has never failed me, nor failed my mission. It turns out that the greater good is also my greatest good…each and every time.

Lets take this back to the wisdom of just being, the wisdom to just be. When I follow my guidance, sometimes it asks me to just be and other times it asks me to take some action or another…writing this blog is an example. When my guidance is to be active, that is easily done and the action falls easily and quickly into place. In effect, I am just being and the doing flows through my beingness. (my spell checker says beingness is not a word; but it is now. LOL) That is what this wisdom is really all about. Just be each and every moment of now. Sometimes that is all that is required. At other times, some action is required and from within the state of beingness, that action will flow with ease and grace.

That is the state we all target. That is the state of Just BE.

Freedom for humanity…


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