Control in the Media

I went to see a movie yesterday, Inside Llewyn Davis. I had heard of this movie from non-conventional friends and it had received good reviews. As in all my decisions, large and small, I had asked my guides if this was a movie that my seeing would benefit the greater good and got a strong thumbs up. This check weeds out some movies while most get the ‘do what you want’ signal…signifying that my mission and the greater good can handle either of my choices and then I make the decision based on weather I not I believe I will enjoy the movie.

The movie started and within minutes I knew I was not going to enjoy the movie…why then did my guides encourage me to go? I stuck around for the closing credits and learned to my surprise that the Coen brothers had made the movie. Ah, yes…now it was starting to make sense. Coen brother’s movies are always about empty lives and empty people; this one did not get filtered out because the subject matter interested me but the Coen energy imprint was all over it. I left feeling angry and depressed and asking my guides, ‘what was that all about?’

‘Why do you suppose Coen brother’s movies get good reviews?’ was given as an answer to my question. Hmmm…that is an interesting question. I went inward and the answer was clear. Critics are all controlled and if you want to be a critic you toe the party line. The Coen brother’s formula of empty lives and empty people is exactly the message the ruling elite wants to get out to the masses. If you want to be a widely read critic, you write good reviews about their work or they find another critic to replace you. Interesting…

This morning, a friend sent me a couple of related pieces of information. One was of a journalist who stumbled upon evidence of CIA support for the Contra rebels in Central America and their drug running into the United States. What happened to this journalist? His story was refused by his editors and when he insisted on telling it, writing a book as part of this process, he was ostracized in the press community, lost his job and eventually committed suicide. My friend and I are well aware of the CIA’s skill in orchestrating apparent suicides and part of my feedback was to open up this possibility, completely without evidence, as part of our communications. ‘Yes’, said my friend, ‘I had not even considered this possibility…ugly business.’ Yes my friend, ugly indeed.

The other piece of information was an interview done in the mid-1990’s with a successful UK businessman and entrepreneur who also died a few years ago. His premise was that the free-trade agreements signed into international law a couple of decades ago were bad for the world economy, benefitting only a few at the top of the economic food chain and would result in massive unemployment and a general lowering of standards of living. He has certainly proved correct…basically we have exported jobs to countries with a low cost of labour, often including inhuman working conditions, and who has benefited? The owners of the companies who manufacture their goods in this fashion, and no one else.

The interview itself was quite telling. The talking head interviewer knew very little about the subject matter but did his best to stack the deck against the businessman and his wisdom; arguing various points as though he somehow knew more than the businessman and including a government shill who was there to give the party line, the ruling elite’s defence of free trade. This is typical even two decades ago and has only gotten worse.

If you want a job within a major media outlet you toe the party line and part of that line is to treat the nay-sayers as not knowing what they are talking about, no matter their track record. Of course it has only gotten worse as we approach the last days of the ruling elite’s long and corrupt tenure. People such as this businessman no longer get to be interviewed at all. Hmmm…I wonder how he died? He looked in strong health during the interview.

Thankfully, all of this is coming to an end; and soon.

That is why I was encouraged to see the movie…so I could lend my voice to the nay-sayers and we are winning. It may not look like it…but we are winning. The ruling elite will soon be gone from governance and gone from influence. I say good riddance.

Freedom for humanity…


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