An Ex-girlfriend comes Calling

An ex-girlfriend came calling last night in the etheric dimension. It was very disquieting and even after a session of meditation the energies continued. The dreams themselves were pleasant enough…we were together in everyone else’s world view but there remained a disconnect between us. We were not together at the level of being. In the dream I wanted to change this and sat her down and kissed her expressing my desire to be a couple. Who knows where that would have lead; but I woke shortly thereafter and ‘knew’ I did not really want to reconnect.

When the meditation session failed to clear the debris and clear the energies of this encounter I put aside all reservations and entered into the timeline of being back together. What I found was this ex-girlfriend and her current beliefs are very 3D and we would both be served by cutting the etheric ties between us. I took that intention and felt the welcome jolts as this 3D connector was cleared from my field and I welcomed in a new level of being within the higher dimensions into which I am pioneering the new timeline on behalf of humanity. This was accompanied by the sensation of Light within my field and by the ‘knowing’ that my new girlfriend is waiting in the wings and will be joining me once humanity is safely within the targeted timeline of oneness and abundance with the current self-interested ruling elite safely removed from their current positions of power.

This ex-girlfriend and my second wife share much in common, even living in the same Canadian city when we first met. They knew each other, although they are not friends and perhaps never were. Chronologically, I spent time with the girlfriend before meeting my second wife and we ended communications for the nearly 20 years of my second marriage. After the marriage ended I looked up the ex-girlfriend. Her husband had died a decade earlier and we spent an evening together; seeing what we could see. We had communicated before meeting and knew we were on different life paths. I was living my mission, already fully surrendered and fully dedicated, and she was focused on family issues especially helping her aging parents as they were making transitions that age sometimes requires in our culture. In ways very reminiscent of the ending of my second marriage, we simply did not share enough in common to justify more than that one evening together.

That evening confirmed something I had been feeling. At a very deep level, I did not want to rekindle the relationship we had shared. I had grown beyond it and she was still bogged down in many ways. There was this sense that I would be ‘settling’ instead of being free and open to the plans of the universe. Within months of that evening, my completion introduced herself at the etheric level and let me know that once my mission was lived she would join me in the higher dimensions into which I would be living along with the rest of humanity. That knowing has not changed and remained in place last night as I cut the etheric ties still existing between this ex-girlfriend and myself. Btw, I thought this was all done years ago in the aftermath of that evening together but some ties run very deep, based not only on this lifetime but on past lives as well. It feels complete now…and if not, what remains will be easily dealt with when the time comes.

I want at this time to express my deep gratitude to this ex-girlfriend. When we first met I was living in a bad marriage and considering myself marginally loveable, undeserving of anything better. We fell in love and that love lifted me up out of the morass that was the life I had created up until then. That love gave me the courage to shift, the courage to change and I ended the dead-end marriage, moving on with my life. Years later, I learned to love myself but I did not when we met.

We will call my ex-girlfriend Sheila, not her real name, and I say thank you Sheila…thank you for loving me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Freedom for humanity…


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1 Response to An Ex-girlfriend comes Calling

  1. katelon says:

    What a sweet post! Congratulations. A client of mine shared an ebook with me about “revirgining’ a process created and used by a local therapist/healer. in the book it talks about the physical/energetic pieces that are implanted in a woman when having sex and it thus ties the man to her. It is designed that way to keep the man around to help raise any children. So this therapist works with both men and women to clear these. She described that physical effects it can have on a person, even creating illness. Chinese medicine describes these connectors as well.

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