Individual Sovereignty

Sovereignty has been very much in my field these past few days; starting with a call from my ex where she continues on a path of denying me my sovereignty within her reality; even though we are over five years separated. Of course, that has little impact on me; just something to be accepted and something to exhume from my personal reality and my personal timeline.

Sovereignty of the human species has also come up. More and more truth-tellers are expressing the opinion that the dark, especially on the etheric level, have made much progress over the past 25,000 years in terms of manipulating and interfering with humanity’s sovereignty.

Apparently, the dark has managed to create a manipulative death reality that some mistake for heaven which allows them to dictate the terms of that person’s next embodiment; including the choice of parents. This is not and has not been my experience but I cannot say that it is not someone else’s.

Whether or not this is the case makes no difference in terms of our personal timeline, or our personal sovereignty. Each of us is a sovereign being…that is a primary principle of this universe and I have yet to meet someone that does not relate to the first principle of sovereignty, the ‘small still voice within’. Each of us has such a voice and each of us is aware that the voice represents something larger, something unexplained within the 3D world based on science and proof. The dark cannot interfere with this voice; it is simply a fundamental experience of any embodiment.

We can override this voice which I did for years and many of us do for entire lifetimes; but we cannot silence it and neither can anyone else. The dark have done their best to discount it, creating entire religions and belief systems discounting this voice but it remains the personal experience of every human being. In the process of lengthy meditation sessions, I came to recognize this voice as my connection to Source and in fact recognized that I am one with Source. That is an advanced state of sovereignty and not necessary for someone simply targeting personal sovereignty so use your own judgement in this regard. Regardless, that voice that cannot be silenced represents my personal sovereignty; just as each of us have a voice that cannot be silenced which represents the individual sovereignty of each human being; in fact each being at all levels.

Because this is truth, each of us can and does create our personal reality…and each and every one of us is sovereign in the process of this creation. The dark can and does manipulate us and can and does convince many of us that we do not have personal sovereignty but no one, no matter their intent or their resources can take away our sovereignty.

Our sovereignty emanates from within and cannot be violated. We can choose to give away our sovereignty and live as though we are not sovereign but this is an illusion. In Truth…we are each sovereign beings and nothing can be done to prevent this…it is a fact of embodiment.

We are fast approaching a timeline where this truth becomes a central principle of living…a timeline where individual sovereignty is universally respected and nurtured systemically.

Individual sovereignty is a central tenant of the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Join me and the critical mass of others who are bringing this essential truth to humanity’s collective reality. Join me in birthing the collective timeline of oneness and abundance where individual sovereignty is honoured and nurtured by all.

Freedom for humanity…


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8 Responses to Individual Sovereignty

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for another great blog post. I’m curious though. Your statement of the dark actually controlling a person’s reincarnation experience is thought provoking. In my personal experience of remembering other lifetimes since early childhood, and my professional experience using the past life regression work I created, i have found that we create our next lifetime experience, thus choosing our parents and other circumstances, based on what we believe about ourselves, what we feel we deserve or don’t, what we want to learn from next. So in that way, it would make sense that if we are then ‘dying’ with beliefs about ourselves and life based on our dark controlled life, then it would make sense that would carry over into the next one, too.

    • Exactly, Katelon. That is what some are saying has been happening. 🙂

      • katelon says:

        So in that way, John, it isn’t that the dark have been directly affecting our reincarnation, as we are divine belngs, but…in our divinity, with free will, we would then be creating from faulty wiring of sorts. It’s curious though, that with ‘meeting’ with our spirit guides after we transition, they wouldn’t help set us straight so we wouldn’t keep creating from that distorted view.
        In the PLR work I created, i have people go back into their lifetimes, change it, thus leave with a different world and personal view, thus, create the next lives and this one from THAT place instead. Then i have them come into conception with this new view, thus creating and living a new timeline.

      • Faulty wiring indeed! The PLR work sounds awesome…very powerful.

  2. Judy says:

    great discussion…and a “bravo” post John…you always assist my perspective…thank you ! Judy

  3. dimvisionary says:

    Right on, thumbs up and kudos! When seven billion people realize that they are sovereign, and the depth of that reality… well, then we can truly begin.

  4. Holly Wiley says:

    Liliʻuokalani’s own response to her overthrow changed over the years. Although at first she worked to effect a counter-revolution, eventually she reconciled herself to the course Hawaii had taken. Opponents of the Hawaiian sovereignty movements see this as ex post facto justification for the overthrow, whereas sovereignty advocates dismiss this as a purely personal position taken by the Queen that does not bear on their legal assertions.

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