The Sting Operation

Last fall, two or three months ago, I took a short airplane ride. The universe arranged for a talkative seat-mate and toward the end, I shared my world-view and the work I am doing; specifically the ousting of the ruling elite and the shift into a timeline of oneness and abundance.

He thanked me for my contributions to humanity’s wellbeing but cautioned me, saying that human nature, specifically greed and the lust for power, would make this work more difficult than I imagined and he personally doubted that we would succeed.

In my view, this is a pessimistic and artificial view of human nature mirroring the few at the top of the current power structure and promoted by them as it serves their aims; but in truth, human nature is based on love and compassion.

My seat-mate’s caution is proving quite accurate. The current timeline is dominated by men and women sharing my seat-mate’s world views and they are collectively standing in the way of a smooth transition into the new timeline of oneness and abundance.

Nearly two years ago (April 1, 2012), I wrote a blog called Legal Mass Arrests and I re-read it yesterday to see what it contained. With the advent of containment in the summer of 2012, I believed this approach would be unnecessary but events are suggesting otherwise. According to a number of sources, a major sting operation is underway and the end result may well be mass arrests of those obstructing the birthing of the new financial system based on worldwide prosperity and the cleaning up of a wide variety of organized crime rings promoting drugs, war crimes, child abuse, sex slavery and other crimes against humanity.

The second and third tier of the banking hierarchy have kind of banded together in an attempt to contain the infusion of prosperity funding and instead of making it available to the masses, as is the intent, they are currently funnelling it into the well heeled pockets of their currently wealthy clientele; against the wishes and the instructions of the Lightworkers who are managing the process. Data and dossiers are being prepared in what is the largest sting operation in world history and the end result may well be mass arrests and trials to forever clean up world governance systems and effect by force the removal of the world’s current ruling elite.

Other outcomes remain possible and one that is already in effect is to use the threat of arrests to gain compliance and cooperation from those currently in charge. There is plenty of new funding to go around so this approach may well be successful in the long term avoiding the need for arrests and trials. We shall see.

In any event, humanity is making huge strides toward shifting humanity’s shared timeline into one based on oneness and abundance. It is happening soon in the world we share, within the soul of Gaia on our beloved planet Earth.

Freedom for humanity…


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1 Response to The Sting Operation

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for this. It is so sad for me to watch this. I am realizing on a daily basis how many people are so ignorant and easily swayed by disinformation that they actually end up supporting the dark forces and believing that the very people who are working for the light, are the bad guys. It makes me very aware of why this ascension process has taken so long.

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