I was introduced to the concept of implants about six years ago. At the time, I was working with a healing modality that included techniques for clearing implants. In the short time I spent using this modality, I found implants in all the people with whom I worked.

What are implants? The modality did not explain them particularly and more experienced people simply said they are impediments to expanding our consciousness and were placed in us by the ‘dark’, by those I have come to call the ruling elite and their allies in the unseen realms. Since those beginning days, I have learned much more about implants.

The great majority of implants occur in the etheric realm and they are placed in our etheric bodies usually in the area of our chakras. One favourite area is the crown chakra and I got information about three years ago from a spiritual friend that virtually all humans have implants just above the frontal lobes of the brain that interfere with connecting to Source and muddle our cognitive and spiritual processes. I asked her to check on mine and she found I did not have these implants which was great confirmation of the effectiveness of the clearing work I had done three years earlier.

With the dark losing power and with all the progress made in clearing within the etheric realm these last few years we are fast approaching that time when darkly intended implants will be a thing of the past. In fact, with the focus on individual sovereignty that exists in the higher realms, implants are simply not part of the equation as no matter how well intended, implants interfere with our birthright of connecting directly with Source through our chakra systems. These birthright systems are being upgraded and expanded but implants are not part of the equation; an acknowledgement that we cannot improve on perfection.

Implants came up in the spiritual Facebook group to which I belong and I made the offer to all the group members to facilitate clearing their implants should they so desire. A couple of the group members took me up on this offer.

I have ‘remembered’ the ability to scan the energy fields of another and it was a simple process to check their fields for implants. In both cases, I found many implants. My approach was to target increasing their sovereignty and here is part of my introductory email: Personal sovereignty, e.g. your sovereignty, is the target of our work together. Implants violate your sovereignty, that means they get in the way of you communicating effectively with Source and with your guides. Our work targets to remove these obstructions and because you are sovereign you must give me permission to facilitate the removal of these implants.
You also must take the intention of removing them. Once you give me permission and take the intention to remove them, the rest will fall into place.

The work of removing the implants took very little time once the preparations were in place. I no longer use healing modalities of any kind, instead using the innate abilities each of us have to facilitate others in returning to their design capabilities. How it all works is not known to me but in this case, I was granted the capability of facilitating the removal of all etheric implants from the fields of these two people. Their guides and higher selves were involved and the implants were removed, apparently permanently although I advised each to be vigilant and to give themselves a sphere of protection as part of their ongoing process.

I found this work gratifying but it reinforced in me the knowing that I did not come into this lifetime to be a healer; at least not in a one on one scenario. My work and my gift is in healing humanity’s shared timeline. That work is ongoing and its success will clear the etheric realm for all of humanity, both individually and collectively. Implants will then become a thing of the past; a bad memory of those dark days when we were all trapped in a dense reality, orchestrated by darkly intended beings.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Implants

  1. Judy says:

    WOW…wonderful…thank you, John…

  2. Paul Ernst says:

    I really wish to be able to have such a scan ….This is big ….didnt stnad still at the fact that this could allready be done….buth not totally surprised in fact not at all .

  3. Hello Paul…there is tremendous power in ‘intention’. Take the intention of clearing your implants and the work will occur. My email address is in the About section of my blog if you want to contact me.

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