One of the people I worked with clearing their implants is a woman we will call Barbie; the fictitious name she suggested I call her for appearances in this blog.

Barbie is in her forties and does not work, being supported by her family. Ideal in terms of being able to devote time to spiritual progress; very challenging in terms of dealing with her controlling family, especially her father. In the process of clearing the implants I got to understand Barbie’s challenging situation including a great deal of ongoing interference from the dark. You see, Barbie is innately an extremely powerful being and the dark is highly invested in keeping her dumbed down and under their control. I have never encountered that much density in terms of her implants and although they were completely cleared using the same process I use for anyone else, I was struck by the density and the unusual number of levels that had to be worked through. I was also given an experience of clearing some energies surrounding Barbie that were in addition to her implants.

Because of all of this, I offered to support Barbie in her efforts to deal with her challenging life situation and achieve personal sovereignty. We have worked toward these objectives, initially through emails and later through phone calls, me as her coach and she as the doer; the creator and prime mover. Her progress has been amazing as once unleashed, that powerful being which she is comes quickly to the fore.

The dark is aware that the genie is escaping the bottle and has not sat idly by. They have direct access to Barbie through their pawn, her father and last night a handwritten letter arrived in Barbie’s mailbox from her father. She and her father have not had direct communications since last May at Barbie’s request as she finds her father’s energies very disconcerting; even when she was covered over and largely incapacitated by implants.

She ignored her intuitive response to not open the letter and immediately felt strong discomfort in her solar plexus chakra, her power chakra. Earlier we had done a chakra check and Barbie reported feeling powerlessness within this chakra. On this occasion, she called and reported what had occurred including the pain in her solar plexus. I listened and suddenly I had a very similar pain in my solar plexus. This was similar to my earlier experience while clearing her implants and my guides were saying, ‘pay attention; this is big stuff, important stuff’. ‘Do you still have the letter?’ I asked. Yes, and it was quickly disposed of.

We ended the call but continued an email conversation as I worked toward clearing the unwanted energies both for myself and from within Barbie’s field. These energies were quickly cleared from my field. I have a great deal of experience clearing unwanted and negative energies and simply grounded them, sending them back to Gaia where they are transformed and transmuted into positive energies serving the shift into 5D. Clearing these energies from Barbie’s field was far more challenging. Not until I realized an entity had come with the letter and attached itself to Barbie did I have any success. I then called upon my guides and specifically Archangel Michael to assist in removing this entity from Barbie’s field. ‘You are unwelcome here and cannot stay here. Move along.’ By cosmic law the entity had no choice but to move on as they cannot violate the sovereignty of someone who expressely forbids it.

A major part of the ongoing process with Barbie is an invocation session that ends each call. We enter the stillness together at the end of each call and invoke her guides and Source. Each of us then makes requests related to Barbie’s healing as prompted by the content of our earlier conversation. It is very powerful, Barbie is overcoming her reluctance to make requests on her own behalf and now makes extremely insightful requests as part of the invocation. That ends the call and she typically then takes a nap and allows the healing to proceed.

The progress is phenomenal.

Freedom for humanity…

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