Accept and Allow

The ‘regain sovereignty’ process with Barbie reached a crisis point a couple of days ago. She called in the evening worried about discomfort in her head. I scanned her field and found nothing dark so advised her to ‘accept and allow’ explaining that healing sometimes includes feelings of discomfort.

She was not willing or perhaps not able to accept this advice and continued to come back to the premise that there was something wrong that needed to be corrected. This victim position continued for about an hour as I tried every way I knew how to get her to simply accept the discomfort within the knowledge that it was part of her ongoing healing process. I grew more and more agitated and un-resourceful as the process dragged out and Barbie insisted on bringing us back, time and time again, to her initial premise that something was wrong.

Eventually, I said I was done and would hang up the phone. She had recent bad experience with people hanging up on her and begged me not to do so. ‘How do I get off the phone?’ I asked and for the next ten minutes cut her short with that singular question. Eventually it hit home and she allowed the call to end, asking if she could call back in an hour. I said yes and the call ended.

The call back was a mini-repeat of the initial call with Barbie continuing her premise that something was wrong and me insisting that she would be better served by an accept and allow process; agreeing that she could continue to treat the matter as a problem but I was unwilling to continue to argue about it and may be unwilling to continue to coach her within the context of this disagreement. We agreed to talk the next day.

The call the next day was much more functional. She had spent a largely sleepiness night more or less honouring my advice to accept and allow. The discomfort was still there but she was resigned to it. I was ‘getting’ that it was time to shift it all and asked if she was ready to do so. ‘What happened to accept and allow?’, she asked. ‘You have done that, now it is time to shift, time to invoke the next step in your healing process.’

We entered into the stillness, invoking her guides and Source, and each of us requested what we wanted on behalf of Barbie’s ongoing healing process. This call was short and to the point. We ended the call and Barbie lay down to ‘accept and allow’.

A miracle ensued. The discomfort in her head evaporated and was replaced by a pleasant melting sensation in her solar plexus chakra. She was taking back her power after decades of giving it away. Creative plans were forming within her for dealing with an especially troublesome issue from her current life situation. In addition, for the very first time, Barbie experienced the power of allowing.

She was born into a controlling household and control was part of everything she had learned. Intellectually, she understood my coaching to ‘allow’ healing and to ‘accept’ things over which she had no control but this was her first experiential encounter with these concepts; the first time they were real to her and part of her experience.

We will likely remain friends and I may continue to give Barbie advice and perhaps a little coaching but she is now in good hands and now has the internal where-with-all to make whatever progress she desires toward her spiritual development and toward being and becoming all that she is.

Awesome to watch. Awesome to have played my part.

Freedom for humanity…

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