Full Moon

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day filled with incoming energies in my experience. Before describing my experience in more detail it is important to remind people that each of us is unique and although the incoming energies fall on everyone (there is no escaping them; they are everywhere) each of us reacts differently.

Humanity still has a large percentage of unawakened people and to them, these energies do not exist at the conscious level and they do not yet feel themselves shifting. They are shifting and that will come into their awareness in due course…that is the miracle of the inclusive ascension timeline, where all of humanity will ascend together and none will be left behind out of ignorance. None will default into a non-ascension timeline because they did not know the beauty that is possible for them within the ascension timeline. None will miss out on ascension because they are blocked from the Light or otherwise prevented by the ruling elite who continue their ‘dumb humanity down’ campaigns of heavily controlled news media and entertainment programming, fluoridated water supplies, GMO foods, chemtrails in our skies, implants in our etheric fields, threats and intimidation of whistle-blowers, and many, many more dirty tricks.

The unawakened have fallen into the well laid trap set by the ruling elite of choosing to believe that the lies and misinformation contained within the controlled media is the truth or at least something closely resembling truth and awakening for them will come as a shock, triggered by that time soon to come when the ruling elite’s illusion crumbles like a house of cards and leadership the world over is taken over by visible and vocal supporters of the Light. Remaining in denial will no longer be possible. Those will be interesting times as each person will go through their own unique process of accepting Truth and accepting the fact they have been duped for such a long period of time.

Back to the incoming energies which are furthering the Light’s agenda and waking up more and more people. I experience such energies in my own unique way, shared by many others, of feeling unmotivated and listless, just going through the motions. I am unable to do…defaulting into a state of being. Unwittingly, I default into following the ancient wisdom to Just Be.

Yesterday was a large helping of just being and I checked on the status of the full moon. Yup…sure enough, the moon was full, happening in my timezone just before noon so both Saturday and Sunday nights had essentially equal portions of moon fullness. I surrendered to mindless pursuits, and retired to bed a couple of hours early, feeling tired and in need of sleep.

I woke with the full moon shining in my bedroom window and feeling filled with joy, feeling in a state of euphoria. I got up and checked the internet to see if something had happened but the source was not from the world of humanity…the source was the incoming energies. The source was Source.

Awesome experience…a short window on the joy and bliss soon to come as we each melt into the oneness and love replaces fear at the foundation of the personal experience for each and every one of us.


Freedom for humanity…

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