The Boss from Hell

The worst boss I ever had came visiting me in the etheric realm yesterday. He showed up during the day and persisted well into the evening, bringing long ago memories of our association together during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

A little history first, in this case, the ‘his’ in this history is me…this is the sad story of the end of my business career. At the tender age of thirty eight, I was promoted to general manager of the thousand person metallurgical and mining complex in Flin Flon, Manitoba where I had worked my entire career. We were owned by South African mining giants through a US subsidiary but as a remote and relatively minor piece, we had largely homegrown talent running the show and the man who did the promoting was a Canadian looking to retire. I knew he was spending lots of time with his boss, a Canadian ex pat now living in the US and running the US subsidiary. We had a modernization project, bringing modern technology to the zinc half of our copper and zinc metallurgical complex. The price tag of this project was enough to attract the US parent’s attention and the ex-pat moved back to Canada to oversee our operation a few months after my promotion.

The ex-pat and I never got along and I was soon shuffled off to a big title with no real job as the man who promoted me retired and the ex-pat brought in his people to do the modernization project. My career had a beautiful renaissance as I landed the job running a Toronto based subsidiary and the ex-pat, now my official boss, allowed me some freedom with his hands full doing the modernization. One of my fondest memories is shaking his hand when he offered to leave me alone as long as my subsidiary was profitable. We all enjoyed two or three wonderful years as I brought in methods of the Light to this fifty person subsidiary and had regular bottom line profits. I started a business consulting business on the side, selling my Light-based expertise and chose to tell my boss the ex-pat about this side business. That did not go well and I was soon free to pursue my consulting business full time as the ex-pat and I finally parted company for good in about 1993. Me with a small severance package and he with another scalp for his collection.

Today, I thank him for the push out the door of the business world. I was a double agent for the Light in my business career with the intention of rising to high enough levels to allow me to shift the business world from within. Spirit knew that was not in the cards and my business consulting career never got off the ground as spirit led me into the long and joyful process of healing myself and becoming sovereign, something not available to anyone in the darkness that currently controls the world of business.

A decade after leaving the world of business, I made a personal commitment to devote time and resources to my spiritual development and soon surrendered to my inner guidance on the path toward ousting not just my old business associates but the entire dark brotherhood who run the world in which we live. Instead of targeting to shift the world of business from within, my focus has become to oust the ruling elite by birthing a new timeline of oneness and abundance. Humanity is now in the process of having this timeline adopted by all of humanity which effectively ends the dark timeline currently trapping humanity and ousting the dark minions known variously as the cabal, the illuminati or the ruling elite. What an elegant solution; instead of fighting the system from within, I have spent the last decade or so surrendered to the greater good guidance that connects me into the Light based network bringing freedom and abundance to all of humanity.

Back to the ex-pat, my personal boss from hell. I have long had the ‘knowing’ that we would meet up again and I would play some role in his redemption. My 3D mind thought this would be some future meeting in the physical. Instead, his higher self came visiting in the etheric realm. I have some experience providing services in this realm and when thoughts of our multiyear association would not leave me despite layer upon layer of forgiveness work, I knew something was up and sat to meditate to learn what that could be.

Once quieted and centred the ex-pat’s higher self asked if I was willing to be a conduit for the ex-pat’s transition into the Light. Immediately compassion flowed within me. Without doubt I would be willing. In fact, I would be honoured to play my role, whatever it may be, in that transition. I had already had experience assisting others in their surrender to the Light. It seems I am a conduit of some sort and the Light flowed through me as the ex-pat’s higher self was transformed; surrendering to the Light’s agenda.

Awesome to play such a role.

Freedom for humanity…


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