Barbie’s Progress

About a month ago, I facilitated the clearing of ‘dark’ implants from the etheric field of a person we have given the fictitious name of Barbie. Spirit arranged for Barbie and I to continue working together targeting the dual objectives of regaining Barbie’s sovereignty and using her sovereignty to live the mission she targeted when accepting this incarnation.

Amazing progress has been made in the month we have worked together, me as the coach and Barbie as the creator and doer. The ‘dark’ has not stood idly by and has made several attempts to derail the process, wanting to continue the timeline of ‘sleeping Barbie’. These attempts are increasingly futile as Barbie steps fully and powerfully into her chosen timeline of living her mission and assisting humanity in doing what she herself is doing; e.g. taking back her (their) power and becoming her (their) authentic self in order to live the mission she (they) came to live and shift her (their) timeline into one of the Light’s choosing.

At a personal level this work has been extremely rewarding and has included some unusual features as I follow my guidance in providing effective coaching and support for the work Barbie is doing. I will use a recent example to illustrate.

The ‘covered up’ Barbie was divorced from her chakras and little wonder given the implants she was carrying. Once her implants were cleared it was no small matter to re-aquaint Barbie with her authentic self as her life-long habits and training were targeting to keep Barbie divorced from her power and living a life focused on pleasing others and doing their bidding; especially her parents who continued to support her financially even though Barbie is now in her forties.

The first step was to take back Barbie’s power (solar plexus chakra) and I have already written about that process (Accept and Allow). Once that step was far enough advanced we began targeting for Barbie to become her authentic self. This is a heart chakra process and Barbie’s heart chakra had not yet opened.

I began getting information that it was time to do this work and it became the focus of one of our coaching sessions two or three days ago. Later in the day, Barbie was back in touch and we carried on a lengthy e-mail conversation and later phone calls as Barbie experienced a ‘melt-down’ of sorts. Throughout these communications, I was given the sensation of an opening of my own heart chakra. At first I thought this meant that Barbie had the opportunity to open her heart chakra but this sensation persisted until I ‘got’ that Barbie had already completed this work earlier in the day after our coaching session and the melt-down was the result…a clearing of junk no longer serving the authentic Barbie.

Once I communicated this and got Barbie to understand and accept this amazing, no make that miraculous, development the opening sensation in my heart chakra disappeared. It seems my guides are connecting into my coaching efforts and are using empathic signals to guide me in this coaching. Another indication of the importance of this work and the special significance of its success.

At times I have encouraged Barbie to take a little time off to integrate the amazing progress she is making. Today she shared her intuitive guidance that she is to continue, full steam ahead, in order to play her chosen role in the coming awakening of humanity and in shifting humanity’s timeline into one of the Light’s choosing.

Neither of us know the specifics of Barbie’s mission but she continues to make amazing progress as the time nears for her special gift to be given. It is already clear that she is in the process of living her mission and the clearing work she is doing at a personal level is providing clearing for similar issues at the collective level of all of humanity.

Awesome stuff…awesome experience.

Freedom for humanity…

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