The Higher Self

Trusting my experience is a foundational value as I work toward living my mission and delivering my unique gift to humanity.

Since surrendering to Source nearly eight years ago and learning to follow my inner guidance, my personal connection to Source, my experience has expanded into other realms…others planes and dimensions. These are not well understood as few humans travel here and those that do are pioneers like me, still sorting out what is real and what is juxtaposed by the ever active 3D mind. Even that term, 3D mind, is inaccurate as the mind is not restricted to any dimension…just another level of the difficulty in piecing all this together using the English language, a very 3D language, heavily influenced by the ‘dark’ who do not want humanity understanding other planes and dimensions.

Understanding the higher self has been front and centre in my recent experience.

Everyone has a higher self, that much is commonly agreed. Our higher self is part of the human package, residing in other planes and other dimensions and forming part of our guidance system. Most people now experience their higher self as residing outside of themselves, somewhere above the crown chakra as it extends upward toward Source. The higher self can also reside in the heart chakra and like many aspects of spirit, the higher self can be in many places at the same time…don’t ask me how this works.

My higher self has always served the Light and until very recently, I believed all higher selfs served the Light. Within that belief system, people serving the dark were in opposition to their higher self. Twice in the month of February, I had the experience of connecting with the higher self of someone who was serving the dark and the higher self in both cases was ‘darkly’ intended. Based on this experience, I now understand that higher selfs are not restricted to Light based choices. Higher selfs can and do spend time dedicated to dark agendas such as controlling humanity and keeping humanity in semi-consciousness. Higher selfs can and do choose which side of the street to work, either for the dark or for the Light. My assumption that all higher selfs were like my own and served only the Light was incorrect.

This new understanding was driven home by some recent work I did coaching Barbie, an innately powerful human being just wakening from a life-long slumber and taking back her power. As expressed in other blog entries dealing with Barbie’s unique situation, the work she is doing is targeting three objectives, to take back her power, to be and become her authentic self, and to be sovereign. Really there is only one objective and that is her personal sovereignty and the other two are simply steps along the way; however, taking back her power and connecting to her authentic self are steps we innately understand whereas being sovereign only makes sense once these steps are in place.

A little on the experience itself. Barbie was making amazing and rapid progress but was attacked by ‘darkness’ a couple of days ago. She shared her experience with me and I entered into the fray, assisting Barbie as I have assisted others. Because I am fully sovereign and target full sovereignty in others, I have been granted great strength in terms of dealing with rogue entities which are violating universal law. In this case, I entered Barbie’s energy field and assisted her in the process of ousting the darkness that had invaded her field. Barbie is not yet fully sovereign and does not yet understand that she has the power to protect herself and can deny entry to the ‘darkness’ and oust any darkness that invades her space. She is learning but does not yet have this knowledge or these capabilities.

Barbie later discovered that a family member is a powerful dark presence at the level of his higher self and that was the source of this attack and other attacks that have come up in the month or so that we have been working together. Not until Barbie shared this new discovery with me following the most recent attack did the penny drop. For reasons we do not yet fully understand, this powerful dark presence is attempting to keep Barbie from becoming fully sovereign.

This is in violation of universal law and can not succeed assuming Barbie continues on her present path of becoming fully sovereign. That is the birthright of every human being and the work we are doing together is targeting the reclaiming of this birthright. That is also the birthright of every being presently serving the dark. One catch here and it is a big one…we cannot be fully sovereign without granting full sovereignty to everyone else. That is a tough pill to swallow for anyone presently serving the dark as the dark’s agenda depends on denying sovereignty to the rest of humanity.

Soon, humanity will be birthing the Light’s timeline of oneness and abundance. Once birthed this timeline will rapidly displace the current shared timeline of duality and scarcity becoming humanity’s shared timeline in the process. The Light’s new timeline is based on the universal principle of full sovereignty for each individual. Barbie is pioneering this transition.

Awesome to be playing a role in this work.

Freedom for humanity…


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