Barbie Shifts Her Guides

Nearly three years ago, in May 2011, I shifted my guides. The process was taught to me by my then girlfriend, a person the universe provided specifically for the purpose of shifting my guides. The relationship, a long distance one, did not survive long after my guides were shifted but I am forever grateful to this woman for suggesting I shift my guides and providing a method which I followed in so doing.

At a birthday party for one of my grandsons, his first birthday, it began coming to me that the woman I am currently coaching would benefit from shifting her guides. Several ‘truth jolts’ accompanied this recurring thought so I knew it to be on the mark. The next day during our coaching session, I told her the story of shifting my guides along with the information I had received that she should consider doing likewise. This resonated intensely and Barbie requested my coaching help in guiding her through the process. We were soon underway.

The first step is be clear about what she is targeting in her life. For people like Barbie, also myself three years ago, what we targeted had recently shifted but anyone who becomes dedicated to a new agenda is a candidate to benefit from shifting their guides since our guides are very durable and can stay with us for an entire lifetime. All guides respect free will but some, especially in today’s era of humanity’s struggle between the dark and the Light, are serving dark agendas that may be very different from the agendas the person has adopted. This results in conflicted feelings and incongruencies. Such was Barbie’s experience.

I got Barbie to verbalize what she was targeting in the shifts she is presently undertaking and made sure this was as complete as possible since guides serving dark agendas are skilled at finding loopholes. Included in Barbie’s targeted intentions were things like full sovereignty, taking back her power, living her mission and connecting to her authentic self. Barbie added some additional targets related to her life situation; all good information for the success of the process.

We were then ready to begin the process of shifting Barbie’s guides. We entered into the stillness welcoming all of Barbie’s guides, all of my guides, Barbie’s angels and Source. I explained Barbie’s intention to shift her guides and briefly outlined the process we would be following. Barbie would outline her targeted intentions so everyone would have this information, Barbie would request all her guides to leave, Barbie would live in this state of having no guides for a few minutes and finally Barbie would ask back suitable guides to complete the process of shifting Barbie’s guides.

Barbie began by outlining her targeted intentions. She then asked all her guides to leave. This took a minute or two, which was also my experience three years ago, as the guide(s) who are not coming back can be a bit slow to respond but go they must. When the ‘dark’ guide left, Barbie had the strong sensation of a clearing in her skull area and she began to laugh/giggle uncontrollably. Throughout our coaching sessions, now entering the second month, she has complained of what she calls ‘the pit’, a brain based sensation unfamiliar to me. This clearing was based in the area of the pit sensation in the back of Barbie’s brain. ‘Do you think you want a guide in that location?’ I asked. ‘No’ said Barbie, I want only me in that location.’ That information was expressed to all perspective guides and the incumbent would not be invited back. The laugher continued and Barbie suggested we end the call and she would call me back once ready.

The call back came perhaps ten minutes later and Barbie reported her experience. She felt great relief along with the obvious joy at the root of her laughter, now subsided.

‘Great, are you ready to bring back suitable guides?’ I asked. She was and we began that process, again restating her targeted intentions and asking that only suitable guides fill the vacancies and inside her skull was off limits.

Again Barbie felt intense experiential sensations during the process. It did not feel complete to me and I asked Source to complete the process for Barbie’s greatest good. Additional guidance was added to Barbie’s solar plexus chakra, as a version of her higher self came into that location. The process was then complete.

Barbie reported a couple of times since, normal stuff like feeling very tired, along with joy/relief at being rid of that head based guide and a feeling of being supported.

The guide that left was in a highly invasive position for any guide to take, a strong indication that the guide did not have Barbie’s highest good in mind; a clear indication of darkness. ‘How did I come by such a guide?’ she asked. ‘You have been around darkness all your life, it is no surprise to me that you came by a guide supporting the dark.’

Barbie called on cue before completing this post. There is a newfound joy in her energy field. She continues to feel tired and we did no further work today. Looking forward to resuming as Barbie is now congruent and feels supported. Awesome stuff.

Freedom for humanity…


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5 Responses to Barbie Shifts Her Guides

  1. katelon says:

    The first thing I do with the spiritual response therapy work I was taught, is to find out if there are any dark energies/entities/implants, anything that person has allowed/attracted, then have spirit remove them. Next..are there extra souls in the person? remove them. Then, making sure the person has the correct team working with them, ONLY supporting their new chosen 100% positive timeline, educated, up to date with everything needed to support them. Glad she finally got them..Spirit can do this instantaneously just with the request.

    • The process you mention looks very good and addresses everything I can think of…awesome. One concern occurs to me. When changes happen instantaneously the person is sometimes not ready to support the new reality and ends up inviting back the same difficulties as before.

      It is also my experience that invited guides do not leave in the same way as energies/entities/implants because they are invited and welcomed at the level of the person’s sovereign self. Not until all guides are required to leave do they show their true colours.

  2. katelon says:

    In the clearing process I was taught and have done for 17 years, I have found that since it does clear all the limiting beliefs, programs, past lives, etc. AFTER the new team has been brought in, the soul is then now supporting the changes and the new team is fully supporting the soul. Of course people need to consciously accept responsibility for those changes, but that is true of any healing modality.
    And in regards to your second paragraph, my experience and that of my teacher and others who do the work, once the old team or whoever needs to leave is removed and the new team brought in and fully educated in how to assist the person, which happens instaneously, there are no issues. Spirit and the person’s soul knows who needs to leave and who needs to stay and it happens in zero time.

    • Good stuff, Katelon. I know you are targeting wellness centres as part of your contribution to the shifts soon to come and they would certainly address my concern that people currently are not supported in being sovereign and taking back their power. The ruling elite does not want people to do these things and so initiatives that support these things are currently opposed and underfunded. That will change in the shifts soon to come. 🙂

  3. katelon says:

    Yes, John, so true. I have had people ask for clearing and then accept no responsibility for their own growth, so they welcome the entities right back with their beliefs. People have to be accountable. Certainly that becomes much easier as you get the right team working with them, get rid of dark energies, etc., clear limiting beliefs, but they still have to do their work. Barbie is lucky to have you as a coach working with her to help her maintain that focus and take responsibility.

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