Dark Attacks

My pathway into being and becoming a fully sovereign human being has been relatively unobstructed by the dark with few attacks targeting to keep me from awakening and claiming my rights of sovereignty. What are the rights of sovereignty? Essentially the capabilities of communicating directly with Source and accessing appropriate cosmic laws when threatened by darkness.

I was not born into this lifetime with access to these powers, or more properly…these powers were trained out of me by well intentioned humans, most especially my Mum during the first few years after birth. I re-accessed these powers over the past two or three decades and fifty plus days of meditation in 06-07 provided the pathway. There was still work to do but the pathway was there along with a high level of dedication to staying on this pathway.

The dark were well aware of me and the progress I was making but could not prevent me nor could they influence me through fear, their biggest; in fact only weapon. The last major dark attack occurred just before I began writing my blog in December of 2009, over four years ago. I struggled with dark based fear for nearly two weeks until the Light gave me the assurances I requested and I began writing the blog. Since then, the dark has largely left me alone perhaps because I now have the power to defeat their arsenal at will. This power is a human birthright but few are aware of this and fewer still have travelled the still arduous path of reconnecting to this power.

The work I am doing in coaching Barbie in her targeted intention of becoming fully sovereign is providing me with an eye-opening education on how all of this works presently. Her amazing progress has been punctuated with dark attacks, following a now familiar pattern of a dark attack the day after break-through progress.

Why is Barbie being attacked while I was not? There are two main factors. I had no soul level contract with the dark but many do, including many who are targeting Light based agendas in this lifetime. That provides the dark with an invitation to make repeated attacks. Hmmm…that suggests the next step in the coaching of Barbie, rescinding these contracts.

The second factor is reconnecting to Barbie’s sovereign power. Once that reconnection is made, Barbie will have the capability of defeating dark attacks and sending them from her field. During this time of transition, she needs help and that is part of the role I am playing. I know cosmic law and can invoke it during our coaching sessions to end an attack and send the attacking energies from Barbie’s field. Barbie does her part which is to express her sovereign desire to transcend the attack (to be sovereign) and the attack is soon ended. We had another episode of this this morning. It was very intense.

I asked to understand this further and what I got was that the attacks have escalated in the month or so Barbie has worked with me. They began based on Barbie’s family based connection with the dark and have now escalated to sources very near the centre of the darkness based on their waning power sources in the etheric and astral fields. The source of the attacks is not particularly important as all such attacks are based on trickery and on fear. My role is to invoke cosmic law which requires the darkness to leave Barbie’s field and to assist Barbie in terms of dealing with the trauma of the attack.

It is at times like these that I see the underlying reasons for spirit to put the two of us together to work toward Barbie’s ultimate sovereignty. She would not have been able to succeed on her own. Soon she will have regained that innate capability but right now she needs someone to help her. It is a pleasure to serve in that capacity.

Freedom for humanity…


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