The Battle at the Etheric Level

In the spring of 2010, after six months of writing and publishing my blog, I came to a difficult decision. I would play my role, completely and fearlessly, in ousting the ruling elite and ending the dark’s timeline for the collective of humanity. In my view at the time, this was a necessary step toward humanity’s ascension, which was then only thirty or so months away at the December solstice of 2012. Even then I was targeting to make humanity’s ascension as inclusive as possible and at the time it still seemed possible for all of humanity to ascend together at the solstice by quickly ousting the ruling elite and bringing in the timeline of oneness and abundance which humanity could experience together for sufficient time to allow an inclusive ascension process.

As history shows, the dark did not cooperate and we arrived at the December solstice now over a year ago ill prepared for humanity’s ascension; with the dark still firmly in control of humanity’s shared timeline. The inclusive ascension process was not lost however and humanity was granted a delay in the ascension process so the work of ousting the ruling elite could be completed and the oneness and abundance timeline could be implemented prior to an inclusive ascension process for all of humanity. I do not know how long this will take but it is happening at breathtaking speed.

A great deal of the dark’s control lies in the etheric plane which is a narrow band around the earth’s surface where humanity spends their time and expends their energy. Control of the etheric plane goes back thousands of years, to the fall of Atlantis and the disappearance of Lemuria, both of which occurred 12 or 13 thousand years ago. In the darkness that followed, where humanity was reduced to a struggle for survival, our dark off-world masters reengineered our DNA to keep us in limited consciousness and took control of the etheric plane for the collective of humanity. This etheric plane control is only now ending and here is a little information about how that has come about.

First let me give a little better understanding of the power and functioning of the etheric plane. The etheric plane is the level of creation. All that is presently manifest was first created within the etheric plane; so whoever controlled the etheric plane controlled humanity’s shared timeline. For thousands of years the dark controlled humanity’s etheric plane and worked their black magic on behalf of dark off-world masters, creating misery and mayhem, upon which the dark thrives. The Light was not without resources at the etheric level and a balance was somehow maintained with the dark in ascendency but the Light retaining enough power to prevent a complete dark takeover. Had that not been the case, Earth would have been destroyed as was Maldek, our sister planet, now the astroid belt.

At the end of the second world war, humanity chose to use atomic weapons for the first time since the wars 25 or 30 thousand years ago between Atlantis and Lemuria that set in motion the ‘Fall’ where these two great land masses were swallowed up and disappeared beneath the waves. The use of atomic weapons at the end of WWII was a great clarion call for the Light and a call went out for Light based volunteers to come and live lifetimes on Earth to help raise humanity’s collective Light quotient. This call was very successful and resulted in the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 where for the first time in thousands of years, humanity’s Lightworkers defeated the dark in a battle at the etheric plane of humanity. Since then, humanity’s Lightworkers have consistently won the battles at the creative level, on the etheric plane of the human collective.

The dark’s power has slowly eroded as a result and we are very close to the manifestation of a bright and beautiful new Light based timeline for the human collective. Exciting times.

Back to my personal experience. I am human in every way, with human parents and human DNA, but unlike most of humanity, I chose to become fully dedicated to living the mission I came into this lifetime to live. That mission is returning humanity to a bright and beautiful timeline that reflects the Light’s agenda of oneness, abundance and individual sovereignty. As of the spring of 2010, nearly four years ago, I volunteered to do whatever was given me to do in terms of birthing this new shared timeline. Not surprisingly, most of the work that has come my way has been at the creative level, at the level of the etheric plane.

Much of what the dark has done and continues to do within the etheric plane is against cosmic law. The dark has relied on fear, misinformation and deceit in order to do these things. Most recently, much of the work I have done has focused on assisting a woman we have called Barbie to take back her power, become her authentic and powerful self and live her mission here on earth in this lifetime. All of this is a microcosm of the macrocosm in which humanity is taking back their power, becoming authentic and powerful servants of the Light, and living as a collective within a Light based timeline.

There has been plenty of call for my skills at the etheric level within this project of coaching Barbie. On several occasions (three that we are aware of and quite possibly a fourth that occurred shortly after I facilitated the clearing of Barbie’s implants in late January) I have been directly involved in defeating dark attacks on Barbie and clearing unwanted and malevolent entities from her etheric field. Spirit has been extremely active within my field as these events unfolded and through Spirit, I have been given the power and the authority to defeat these dark attacks and the malevolent entities that perpetrated them, sending them from Barbie’s field and allowing Barbie to continue her chosen goals as a sovereign person; honouring her birthright of an unimpeded connection to Source…through her chakra system and through guides who have her best interest and her greater good at heart.

These last few days have been very intense with frequent interactions as Barbie suffered a very severe attack and has been recovering from the aftermath of this latest and perhaps last attempt to discourage her from pursuing her goal of living the mission she came to live. Today all is calm and an inner knowing is growing within me that the dark’s power and influence at the etheric level is nearly exhausted. Somehow the work Barbie is doing is a microcosm of the larger work affecting all of humanity.


Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Battle at the Etheric Level

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for the work you are doing for Barbie and the world. Actually, in my experience, this planet has had darkness on it from the beginning. I remember coming in the beginning to start working to bring light here. Perhaps the dark got stronger after the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis but it didn’t start then.

    It has only been a year and a little over 2 months since the 12/21/12 event and i feel we’ve made great progress on this planet. Although I felt disappointed, along with many others, that we didn’t see the outward shifts we had hoped for, along with rejuvenation and healing, I feel there has been much that has transpired since that time.

    Still more to go though, and I”m intending that it happen quickly as after all these lifetimes of doing this work, I”m ready for a world of love, light, peace and harmony now.

    • Quite right, Katelon. It seems like forever since the 2012 solstice but it has only been a little over a year. I too am ready for a world of love, Light, peace and harmony…now.

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