Stangelet Bomb

How did the Earth’s dark manage to delay humanity’s ascension? How did these rogue forces position themselves to defy the Light and their technologies for the last two decades?

When Ankara, the dark creator god surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990s, he encouraged all of his created races to follow suit and nearly all of them did including Earth’s off-world masters, the Anannuki who had joined with the dark although they were not created by Ankara. Ankara’s surrender ended the dark’s stronghold in the Orion constellation and all their weaponry in this sector was decommissioned as these civilizations adopted Light based agendas, giving up their dark agendas based on conquest and occupation.

A number of forces, especially at the etheric level banded together in an attempt to continue duality and their home base became Earth. The ground work for this had been laid over the past 25,000 years as Earth became the second quarantined stronghold where Earth’s population was held as hostages under threat of annihilation should the Light break the dark’s quarantine and intervene on behalf of earth’s citizens, e.g. humanity. Many atrocities occurred (the holocaust, atomic bombing in Japan, Stalin’s purges, genocides in various places) and the Light could not act in opposition due to the dark’s threats of annihilation. These threats were based on two weapons…one was the earth’s arsenal of thermonuclear bombs, under dark control until early 2012. The other was a far more fearsome weapon…the strangelet bomb.

When detonated the strangelet bomb has the capacity to turn matter into strange matter and by chain reaction could destroy the entire known universe. The Light have developed defence technology to limit the radius of destruction but the earth and its human population was at risk, hostages in the truest sense.

The underground physical bases were cleaned out in the early 2000s and have been under the Light’s control since then but at the etheric level, the dark had layer upon layer of defences built up and layered since earth became quarantined 25,000 years ago. It was at the etheric level that the strangelet treat was most prevalent and had the greatest deterrent value preventing the Light from proceeding with their agenda; thus allowing duality to continue to hold sway on planet Earth.

Duality is based on the dark’s demand, enforced by taking hostages, that Source not inform the Light about their activities within quarantined areas and this lack of information becomes duality…e.g. information versus darkness with darkness prevailing in quarantined places. When the age of duality ended in late 2011, Source withdrew all support for duality practices and Earth’s dark became rogue entities fighting all of creation. Layer after layer of dark defences at the etheric level were dismantled with Source providing the needed information and the Resistance doing the necessary work. A major breakthrough came a few days ago around March 8th and information on the last of the dark’s etheric defences has now been provided by Source. The final unraveling of dark control is underway and the threat posed by the etheric strangelet bomb has been negated.

The final countdown into the birthing of the bright and beautiful Light based timeline for all of humanity is underway. How long that will take is still unknown or at least classified but the finish line is in sight. This marathon of unraveling the threats keeping Earth quarantined is about to end, bringing all manner of beauty and Love into this last dark stronghold.

Awesome to be alive and a part of this great transition.

Freedom for humanity….

Much of the information upon which this post is based comes from a source known as Cobra. Here is his latest post:

Portal 2012: Quarantine Earth Endgame

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7 Responses to Stangelet Bomb

  1. katelon says:

    Interesting article, thanks. How come Source allowed this duality in the first place, especially seeing how destructive it has been. I’ve been fighting for the light on this planet since it’s inception…pretty much a losing battle up until now huh?!

    • The question of why did Source allow duality seems to hinge on a desire to give Love a stern test against the best/worst the dark could muster. Ankara (dark creator god) was acting with the blessings of Source throughout the 2 million years of the dark experiment. I agree it has appeared to be a losing battle but that may be short sighted. What was learned in the process may prove invaluable and benefit not only this cycle as we all return to Source but all the coming cycles.

  2. katelon says:

    Thanks for your response. I remember talking to source and arguing it was a bad idea, but didn’t know if that was an accurate memory or not 🙂

    • Something keeps coming up for me and it is this…in the reality of allowing free will, Source is no longer completely in control as what is created has free will and can use that in ways that do not serve the whole. That is essentially what darkness is and Source allows this…else there is no free will. Taken to the extreme which is what has happened here on Earth, realities are created that cut us off from Source (quarantine) and only through the good works of those dedicated to the Light can this be corrected. Just what is happening now.

  3. Judy says:

    thanks so much for this John…I am mired in some 3D stuff lately and as I read this wondered if part of this was from Cobra…as usual…you assist my understanding…thank you, Judy

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