Quite the Night

Yesterday was our monthly family gathering hosted in turn by each of my four children. It was my oldest daughter’s turn. Supper was around 5 and everyone was invited to come anytime after noon. I ate a little too much which happens at such affairs and arrived home around 8, tired and a little out of sorts, so I had an evening nap with that ‘still full’ feeling in my stomach.

I went to bed and had a short sleep, waking up to growing discomfort as my stomach remained feeling overfilled. I spent the next two hours playing my favourite computer game, meditating to transcend the growing feeling that something was blocking my stomach and drinking lots of water. The overfill stomach sensation continued and worsened until at the end of a meditation session, I rushed to the bathroom and threw up twice, mostly in the toilet bowl, thankfully. It was mostly water with some remnants from my earlier supper.

The overfull stomach sensation went away and I was able to return to bed and slept until around 4 in the morning. Again I was wakened, with similar sensations accompanied by a growing ‘knowing’ that there was an energetic, rather than physical, blockage in my stomach. In my previous meditation sessions, I had focused on an area corresponding to my stomach entrance (left side high in my abdomen, just below my rib cage) and it came to me that the blockage was at my stomach exit (right side, lower in my abdomen). I switched my focus to the stomach exit area and I could feel progress being made. It took some time, perhaps ten or fifteen minutes as the blockage dissipated and a sense of well-being replaced it. The blockage was gone…the unwanted energies were cleared.

I quit my meditation as my body was wracked with a series of sharp intakes. I get these when succeeding with energetic issues but normally only two or three sharp intakes, involuntary gasping intakes; bring oxygen to my DNA, is what it seems to be. On this occasion there were a dozen or more, never experienced so many before and it morphed into a style of hiccups. For the first time I realized it is the hiccup muscles that did this work. I went back to bed and slept until past dawn, knowing the problematic portion of the energy blockage was transcended.

My guides woke me near dawn and I got up to deal with my friend Barbie who was in need of a coaching session. We did that and the knowing grew within me that the blockage was related to this coaching and to the dark’s attempts to prevent Barbie from stepping fully into her power and connecting to her authentic self. The coaching session went brilliantly and Barbie is now assimilating heart chakra openings as a result.


Freedom for humanity…

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4 Responses to Quite the Night

  1. Dusty says:

    John , was the dark trying to dissuade you from workng with Barbie by making you ill?

  2. Dusty says:

    Oh, that’s good.

  3. katelon says:

    Sorry you had such a rough night but glad it was productive!

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