Sovereignty in Action

The coaching work with Barbie has continued with daily coaching sessions at Barbie’s request as she continues her amazing and awesome progress targeting the triple and intertwined objectives of stepping into her power, becoming her authentic self and living the mission she came to live in this lifetime. Like all of us, Barbie has a life situation unique to her with unique challenges and unique relationships and that life situation is part of the work we do. Sometimes we address her life situation directly when an especially challenging situation arises but in most cases we understand that progress toward taking back her power and becoming authentic will eventually resolve any and all aspects of her life situation since she will create a life situation that supports her in living her mission.

The pattern of Barbie making breakthrough progress followed by a dark attack is also continuing; but with some major differences as Barbie becomes stronger and more able to defend herself. Yesterday’s invocation led to a major breakthrough as Barbie experienced her oneness as it relates to nature and to everything around her. She also got major breakthroughs related to her lifelong battle with anorexia, a condition I am only beginning to understand.

She retired for the night feeling strong and feeling authentic and sure enough, under the cover of darkness and in the altered state of sleep, the darkness made another attack; invading her field and creating the familiar feeling of anxiety within her. Her body goes into a state of hyper-ness in defence and she lived in this state until morning when we could do a coaching session.

My guides let me sleep as Barbie was in no real danger, since the work she has already done give her the strength to hold the dark at bay, but the situation was not ideal as the dark was invading her field and distracting her from the amazing progress she had so recently made. In her description of the night’s events she recounted how she had yelled out, ‘I will not bow down to you.’

Once we began our session, my guides made me aware that the dark entity was still in Barbie’s field, lurking and ever the opportunist, waiting an opening to negatively influence Barbie and further interfere with her progress. I taught Barbie a simple and effective method of dealing with dark attacks and sending malevolent entities from her field. She wrote down the following three short sentences. ‘You are not invited. You are not welcome. You must leave.’

‘I am going to say them now’ said Barbie. Say them she did…loudly and clearly. There was an immediate release and Barbie let out a involuntary scream as the entity left her field. The tone and energy of our session shifted dramatically and positively as her anxiety evaporated. A residual of the hyper-ness was still there as that is a body based response to deal with the attack and it takes a little time for the body to resume normal functioning. Most importantly, our session continued without the negative influence of malevolent entities.

This method works for anyone so feel free to use it should the occasion arise. I have used it for years and it is extremely effective because it is based on cosmic law and invokes the cosmic law that forbids anyone entering the etheric field of another uninvited.

‘How will I know it is the darkness causing my anxiety and not something I am generating on my own?’ It makes no difference we soon discovered. Invoking cosmic law can do no harm. If there is a malevolent entity, it is required to leave. If there is no entity, no harm is done.

That is how I operated during the formative years of my spiritual development. For me, the dark interference was manifest as fear and whenever fear entered my field, I cleared any and all dark entities that may have been contributing. In Barbie’s case, the signal is anxiety; a form of fear. Whenever anxiety enters her field she can use this clearing mechanism and be protected from dark attacks.

Awesome the power invested in each of us. Awesome the sovereign power of each individual.

Freedom for humanity…

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