As a crime against humanity, few things are more abhorrent than genocide, the killing of large numbers of people because they are somehow different from their killers. Genocide has a long and storied history within humanity even appearing in the Bible as advice from God given the Jews in a section of the Old Testament. When I began to recognize my personal connections to God in the mid 1990s I decided to return to my religious roots within the Anglican Church and read the Bible in the process. When I came across this section of the Bible, I knew God was misrepresented and anyone who said ‘the Bible is the word of God’ was mistaken.

War routinely results in genocide as large numbers of people on each side of the conflict are killed. Modern warfare as practiced by the Americans is especially prone to collateral genocide with bombs playing a major and indiscriminate role in killing civilians not directly involved in the conflict. The napalm bombings in Viet Nam were particularly barbaric. In addition, genocide is often an act of war where the side with the upper hand at the moment decides to kill rather than imprison a captured portion of their enemy’s people; often just the men, sometimes including the boys who will grow up to be men, and sometimes everyone. The most famous case of everyone was the Holocaust where the entire Jewish population of lands occupied by the Nazis was targeted for genocide. Some leaders are especially prone to genocide and people like Stalin and Mao were responsible for many millions of deaths within their governed population.

Cultural genocide has been a common practice within developed countries where a culture and the people who insist on practicing it are targeted for extinction. The treatment of indigenous populations in lands discovered by sea-faring Europeans the world over fits into this category and such practices have been adopted by the Russians and the Chinese as they have expanded their boarders.

Spirit arranged for me to become more informed about one particularly brutal and dark chapter of genocide that took place in the mid 1970s in the far away land of Cambodia. The reasons for this have not yet made themselves know but here is my experience.

Spirit arranged for me to take an unusual path across the campus of the nearby University of Calgary that took me right through the students union building where students gather in the fashion students do. On display were some photographs with captions and the row I walked by were related to the Cambodian genocide. One was a pile of skulls, and the one that caught my eye was of a stark room with a single chair titled Genocide Prison in Cambodia. I continued on my way to complete my errands and spent a little time in the shoes of two groups of people, those doing the actual killing, a soul destroying job as most of it was done face to face with a bayonet through the victims ribcage. The other group were the people disposing of the bodies. I read an interview with a person who refused to be a killer but survived by becoming one such person. ‘I will never forget the sound of a bayonet passing through a human ribcage’ is a quote from his interview. Spirit asked me to return for more information. I am well read but could not remember the motivation for this particular genocide and ethnicity did not ring a bell. The organizers were wrapping up for the day but were back the next day.

As I continued on my way home I was suddenly overcome with emotions. First grief and I paused to let the emotions subside, apologizing to the Cambodian people on behalf of humanity and promising to do whatever I could to prevent such situations from arising ever again.

Spirit insisted I return and promised me someone who could answer my questions. I looked through the entire display but found nothing else that caught my interest. Approaching the table where the organizers sat, I asked, ‘Can anyone here tell me more about the Cambodian situation?’

A young black woman put up her hand. ‘I spent time in Cambodia recently.’ We entered into a conversation based on my desire to understand the motivation in this particular case of genocide that resulted in an estimated two million deaths. The leader of the regime in charge, a man by the name of Pol Pot, feared educated people. He began with purges within his camp and gradually expanded the net, eventually targeting all people who met certain visual distinctions that suggested an educated person. The country still suffers from the aftereffects as the age group of sixty plus is virtually non-existent and educated people are still hard to find. Rebuilding an education system has had limited support and limited resources as the bias against education continues. A sad-sad story.

This is a rare example of the uneducated creating genocide against the educated. Usually it works the other way around.

In the world of oneness and abundance, none of this computes. In the world of Light, information is available to all, educated and uneducated alike and the darkness upon which genocide is based is banished. Those shifts are coming and coming soon.

Freedom for humanity…


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