The Spring Equinox

The spring equinox has come and gone a few days ago, March 20 around five in the afternoon here in Calgary near the Rocky Mountains in Canada. With it came some amazing shifts and the balance of power reached a major tipping point with the Light and its supporters gaining an increasingly insurmountable lead over the fading dark and its ever dwindling supporters. No where is this imbalance of power being felt more powerfully than in the etheric realms, the realms of creation and the realms of the unseen spirit world.

The spring equinox has been a pivotal time in terms of ousting the ruling elite and sending darkness from humanity. Two years ago, at the spring equinox, I began to get information saying it was time to oust the ruling elite and I threw my shoulder into this wheel, contributing wherever asked to this monumental project. Last year, at the spring equinox, humanity was still adjusting to the inclusive ascension timeline and my contributions were in terms of explaining this timeline and the effect it had of making ousting of the dark a communal event with contributions from a wide variety of humanity and our as yet unseen supporters in the etheric realm. This year, at the spring equinox, ousting of the dark went into high gear as the power of the Light finally reached the tipping point and the dark’s resources could no longer maintain the illusion of scarcity and duality.

My offer to do whatever I am asked has morphed into assisting in the clearing of dark influences at the etheric level. This work has manifest in a variety of ways. Some of these ways take place in the quiet of my home or in the streets of Calgary as I go about my daily business. Over the past few weeks I have joined forces with two teammates of the Light and instead of battling as an individual we have battled together to clear the etheric realm of darkness.

I will give some recent developments as examples of the work being done. One of these teammates is a woman we have called Barbie and I have already written about several episodes in the work we have done together beginning in late January when she began to take back her power and step into the mission she came to live. That mission appears deeply connected to ousting the dark, especially at the etheric level and together we have uncovered layer upon layer of dark connections while working through layer upon layer of resistance as the dark continues to interfere and block Barbie’s progress. Barbie has been financially dependent on her family and this dependency has been used as the foundation for dark interference as she has taken back her power.

On the weekend, Barbie suffered a major attack and it seemed necessary to intervene in a direct way, working with Barbie’s angels and guides to ward off the attackers and send them from Barbie’s field. Barbie spent a bad night dealing with the aftermath and coming to grips with the knowledge that her family did not support her intention of taking back her power and living her mission in this lifetime…in fact her family were lifelong supporters of the dark with a long history of preventing Barbie from doing the Light based work she came to do. Monday’s attack was even more viral and came from a source much closer to the dark’s base in the etheric realm. This time I held space as Barbie did the necessary work. The session lasted a half hour or more as the attack contained much dark energy and many malevolent entities, all targeting to block Barbie and discourage her from continuing on the path of her life’s mission. With the help of Source and the joint support of our guides and our angels, Barbie sent all the dark attackers from her field and cleaned up the toxic residue they left behind. All is quiet and peaceful as Barbie rests in her sovereignty and gathers her strength in order to continue on her life’s mission.

The other teammate is a person we will call Kathy, not her real name. Kathy and I have known each other for about four years although only recently did we join forces in ousting the darkness. This happened when Kathy had a particularly difficult night and requested my help in dealing with her physical ailments. I checked with my guidance and found I could help her as long she was genuine in requesting my help. She was and we began to work together patterned on the work I was already doing with Barbie. Kathy is fiercely independent and asking for help was a major step forward in her process. It seems that asking for help is a form of surrender which is a necessary element in any healing process.

We began to target Kathy’s various health issues and found they were incredibly complex and intertwined with dark interference from childhood in this lifetime and from lifetime after lifetime of battling the dark. The dark has held the upper hand and has killed Kathy time and again, often after lengthy periods of torture. In this lifetime, the dark found many ways to intimidate Kathy and make it dangerous for her to step into her power. In the five or six sessions we have worked together over the past two or three weeks, we have unraveled much of this puzzle and Kathy is now on the cusp of fully taking back her power and stepping unimpeded into her personal timeline in service of the Light. Her mission appears to include the birthing of rejuvenation within her personal timeline and the gifting of rejuvenation to the collective of humanity.

Awesome to work with these powerful Lightworkers and to be co-creating within their personal timelines. The work I am doing with them is serving all of humanity as humanity steps into the timeline of ousting the ruling elite and the etheric darkness that has supported them. By defeating the dark at the etheric level, the Earth’s ruling elite loses the last of their power and we shall soon see a glorious transfer of power to Lightworkers around the world. This will be manifest in a wide variety of shifts; financial, disclosure, governance, free energy, rejuvenation and many others; some of which we cannot yet imagine. All of this constitutes the birthing of the Light based timeline of oneness and abundance which is sweeping away the existing timeline.

Not every Lightworker is getting a rough ride at this time and another of my Lightworker friends called as I was writing this blog to talk about the epiphanies she is experiencing and the progress she is making toward living her earthly mission in this lifetime.

Awesome time to be alive. Awesome to be playing my role within the forces of the Light.

Freedom for humanity…

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