Barbie’s Big Step

Coaching sessions with Barbie have become a major part of my contributions to the ousting of the darkness that is controlling humanity; ousting the darkness that has set humanity’s shared timeline for thousands of years. The importance of this work is becoming ever more clear as Barbie pioneers her three part intention of taking back her power, becoming her authentic self, and creating a personal timeline of living the mission she was born to live.

The dark has fought her every step of the way and the reasons for this are also becoming more clear. Barbie’s dedication to this process has been amazing and each day has followed a pattern where Barbie calls and we do a diagnostic session to determine the next steps. This is followed by an invocation session where we call in Barbie’s angels, her guides and Source so Barbie can request the next stages of healing and transformation. Once this is done, Barbie spends time in the stillness receiving the day’s healing and assimilating these gifts. She has been tremendously dedicated and very much in a hurry; as though she is racing against time itself in order to live her mission. Yesterday’s session helped us understand this sense of urgency more fully.

I have the ability to scan Barbie’s field and have more than once picked up on darkness that is blocking her progress. When this has happened we work at ousting that darkness before proceeding further. On this occasion my scan revealed no darkness in the diagnostic session and we entered into the invocation portion with me believing Barbie’s sense that something was off was the result of a grieving process as Barbie is grieving the loss of the person she was in order to make way for the birthing of the authentic person she is becoming.

Once the invocation was in place, Barbie asked if she could use the three part mantra of sovereignty that we have used many times before to oust darkness from her field. I encouraged this saying it could do no harm and I would hold the energy of support for Barbie’s sovereignty while she said the mantra. ‘You are not invited. You are not welcome. You must leave; it is Cosmic Law’ said Barbie. Immediately I knew I had missed something and darkness began to stir within Barbie’s field. She continued to use the mantra with more conviction and more vigour and the darkness was compelled to leave by degrees. The entire process took perhaps ten minutes as her field became Lighter and Lighter with each usage of the mantra. All told she repeated the mantra twenty or more times and gave out a number of involuntary screams as the darkness was compelled to leave her field.

For my part, I sat holding space as a witness to this remarkable performance. Clearly my scan had been mistaken and I asked my guides to help me understand how I missed this level of darkness. ‘It was part of Barbie, imbedded in her etheric field and was always there so your scan did not pick it up. It was an integral part of Barbie in this lifetime on account of being born into the family she was born into. A continuation of many lifetimes of close association with powerful dark beings. That is the reason Barbie has had so much dark interference and suffered so many dark attacks. She entered into this healing like an onion with many layers of dark control and together you are working through these layers on the path to Barbie becoming fully sovereign.’

Wow…that made a lot of sense. When Barbie was clear, we ended the session and I went out to celebrate. Later in the day, Barbie called and we compared notes on the amazing progress of the day’s session and the big step Barbie had taken. Not long ago Barbie was a willing but largely inactive participant as I worked at clearing darkness from her field. My…how she has grown as I am now in the role of observer and simply hold the space as she does the necessary work. In keeping with full sovereignty, she is now more informed than I can ever be in terms of what is in her field and within her inner world. That is the very definition of sovereignty, by the way…no one can fully know another or coach them better than they can coach themselves. If this were not true, sovereignty would have no true meaning.

Awesome to watch as Barbie makes rapid progress toward full sovereignty. Awesome to play a role within this process. Awesome as Barbie pioneers the internal process of ousting layer upon layer of darkness; mirroring the larger process that is taking place within all of humanity. That explains why Barbie has experienced such a sense of urgency. Her personal progress of clearing her darkness is assisting in the clearing of darkness for all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Barbie’s Big Step

  1. katelon says:

    How exciting to read of her progress. Thank you for assisting her and humanity in this process!

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