Clearing the Darkness

These last few days have been intense for Barbie and for me as I act on my intention to assist her in her three part initiative of taking back her power, becoming her authentic self and living her mission in this lifetime.

The day after Barbie’s big step (see Barbie’s Big Step) where she cleared an important layer of darkness imbedded within her, another opportunity arose. As has often occurred, the day after ground breaking progress, the dark stages an attack; almost as if they are attempting to take back lost ground. This attack followed the usual pattern of Barbie awakening in the night in a state of anxiety, a form of fear. The dark is skilled at disguising their presence and Barbie defaults into thinking it is her or her various ailments. She lives in this state of anxiety until our morning call and on this occasion was largely unresourceful and deeply discouraged by the time of our call.

It became clear to me that another layer of darkness was surfacing from within Barbie and once we entered the Stillness and invoked Source, our angels and our guides; I encouraged Barbie to use the three part mantra for clearing darkness and mal-intention that had worked so effectively the day before. (You are not invited, you are not welcome, you must leave.) This was an especially tenacious level of darkness and it did not leave during Barbie’s initial attempts which lacked the energy and the conviction of the previous day. Despite my encouragement, Barbie was feeling very discouraged and lacked the will to carry the clearing process on her own as she had done the day before. It felt as though a great opportunity was before us and with Barbie’s permission, I took up the ‘sword’ in conjunction with all the unseen allies we had invoked. I have done the clearing work before when Barbie was still learning how, always with the intention of transferring this ability to Barbie as part of her quest for sovereignty, so it was like old times. This level of darkness was especially tenacious and all told it took more than one call and more than an hour of total clearing time. When the darkness finally left late in the day, it was time for great rejoicing.

Information came to me in the night as it often does and I woke in the night ‘knowing’ we had cleared the last level of darkness within Barbie. This level does not exist in most of humanity, only in those with strong connections to the dark, which Barbie has through her lifetimes of association with members of her family who are active supporters of the dark. Just as a few higher selfs have chosen to serve the dark, a small percentage of humanity has agreed at some level to have darkness imbedded at the cellular level, within their DNA. Barbie is a hybrid in this regard, with a Light loving higher self but with darkness imbedded in her DNA. The work we had just done had been the work of clearing darkness from Barbie’s DNA. This really had been something to celebrate…there was no more darkness within Barbie; the last level of dark influence had been cleared. I even had the sense that Barbie would no longer need my help.

That did not turn out to be the case and the next day was equally intense, perhaps even more so. The same pattern was followed where Barbie was awakened in the night by anxiety and was in a weakened state by the time of our morning call. We have different roles in these healing session; my role is as a coach and an observer while Barbie’s role is much more personal. When it comes to clearing darkness however, we are teammates in the truest sense and I experience the darkness as it is cleared. I have a great deal of experience dealing with darkness and I do this work without fear, a great advantage as that is the dark’s biggest and most effective weapon.

I am also given information as the clearings proceed and very early in the piece I got that this darkness did not come from Barbie. In fact, it was confirmed that Barbie is now clear of darkness…all the levels of darkness within Barbie had been cleared; the last level being the darkness in her DNA. The darkness in her field on this day was the darkness controlling humanity, the darkness that has supported the ruling elite; the darkness that has created the current shared timeline of duality and scarcity. It came to me that we were actually living Barbie’s life mission or at least a part of her life mission…to assist in the clearing of darkness from humanity’s shared timeline.

This work is currently in high gear and darkness at the etheric level is fast disappearing from humanity’s shared timeline. Many others are involved in this work, an example is the global mediations to clear darkness from Rome’s obelisks, and Barbie and I were doing our part in this momentous service to humanity.

The work (Sunday, March 30) was more intense than any I had previously encountered as wave upon wave of dark energies and dark entities entered Barbies field. We did several calls throughout the day, each time working long and hard to clear the darkness, only to have another wave appear shortly thereafter. None of this was clear to Barbie as to her it was all one long attack which was very discouraging and enervating as there appeared to be no break in between.

The standard technique of ‘You are not invited, you are not welcome, you must leave’ did not yield immediate results and we began feeling overwhelmed. I was guided to introduce the concept of darkness seeking a conduit to transcend itself into the Light, something I have done before. This helped in two ways, it helped Barbie to understand that the dark is feeling trapped and without a home; and it allowed us a useful distinction. Darkness willing to transit into the Light was welcome and we would assist it in doing so; darkness wanting to remain in service of the dark was barred entry and could no longer enter Barbie’s field.

This proved very beneficial and soon Barbie’s field was clear. A welcome respite at the end of a very intense day.

Part of what I explained to Barbie was that darkness is fast running out of places to go. There is always the option of surrendering to the Light and being welcomed back into service of the Light; but options to continue in service of the dark are fast disappearing. The dark creator god surrendered to the Light nearly two decades ago and with that surrender, much dark held territory was surrendered back to the Light. Places where darkness can serve the dark are fast disappearing. Earth/Gaia is no longer a home for darkness having shifted into the fifth dimension on 12-12-12. That leaves humanity as one of the last bastions of the dark. Humanity is in the process of shifting into a Light based timeline and the dark has no place to go. (Not exactly true as there remain a few bastions of darkness spread throughout the Universe but the Earth’s darkness is not welcome there either.)

I feel some compassion toward the darkness as their long reign here on Earth within humanity comes crashing down. Compassion does not interfere with my resolve to end the dark’s rule and days like yesterday move mountains in that regard.

Awesome time to be alive. Awesome to be playing my role.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Judy says:

    awesome post, John…thank you, Judy

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