Visible Change – April Fool’s

I arrived back in Calgary in the fall of 2008, once again accepting the invitation of my oldest daughter to be a renter in her home. We had unfinished soul level contracts to fulfil which included my assistance in helping my daughter take back her power and become her authentic self. She had given away her power to a powerful dark being masquerading as a spiritual guru and was in danger of ending this lifetime by attracting in a fatal disease.

She responded favourably when I gave her this information and over the next two or three years took back her power and moved out of the sphere of influence of the guru. The disease left her field and in related choices, she lost eighty pounds and took up an active life style that she enjoys to this day. In the process, our soul level contract was completed and honouring her request, I moved into my own apartment about a year ago.

For reasons I do not yet fully understand, Spirit has prevented me from forming community here in Calgary. When in Toronto, this happened easily but since moving to Calgary there has been no one I can relate to as my 5D self and spend time with here in Calgary. My daughter was such a person when I first arrived but slowly a rift developed as she pursued 3D objectives and became less and less open to 5D dialogues. My attempts to share my views and experiences began to be unwelcome and were rebuffed rather than embraced.

The underlying causes for this rift remain unclear as my daughter has not been forthcoming. The surface explanation she provided was that her mission did not begin until after humanity shifted into a Light based shared timeline and she did not want to talk about 5D stuff until after that shift occurred. Up until yesterday, I could not point to any visible change indicating the shift was occurring.

Through the internet, I have plenty of people who share my views and with whom I regularly communicate but none in my home base of Calgary, a city of 1.3 million people. Such people exist in Calgary, they simply have not presented themselves to me and no such friendship has developed. Why? I do not know.

One such Calgarian is our mayor. He goes by his last name of Nenshi and is the only municipal politician I have ever voted for. He is also one of the few politicians that is worth voting for. He burst on the scene as an unknown campaigning to be Calgary’s mayor in 2010 and won re-election last fall. An early success was to remove fluoride additions to Calgary’s water supply and he works tirelessly on behalf of the greater good, taking on the ruling elite on a regular basis.

Yesterday, Nenshi provided the first visible sign of change, the first thing I can point to and tell people like my daughter…’see, change is a-foot…look at what Nenshi did and the ruling elite could not prevent it.’

One of Canada’s media moguls is a French Canadian from Quebec. He recently declared himself a political candidate for the separatist party in Quebec, targeting Quebec’s sovereignty. Part of his strategy is to divest himself of his holdings in the rest of Canada including a newspaper based in Calgary. Nenshi bought this paper and has declared himself editor-in-chief; promising big changes within the paper.

In a world where no person of the Light was allowed to own or edit a major media outlet, this represents a major departure. I asked for a fuller understanding and this is what I got.

The Quebec based former owner is and remains a stanch supporter of the dark. He is running scared as the ruling elite loses power and has decided to consolidate within his home base of Quebec, hoping to create a fiefdom where his methods can continue to succeed. He will not succeed as darkness is being swept from the face of this Earth and expunged from all of humanity. Enough said.

Nenshi and Calgary are the early beneficiaries and are leading the charge into the Light based timeline of oneness and abundance. Part of that charge is chinks in the controlled media’s armour and this sale represents one such chink. I am getting that other chinks are occurring but of course are not yet being reported as overall dark control of the media continues. These chinks will soon become a dam bursting with Light and the dark’s long control of the media will soon end.

The fact that the dark allowed this sale to take place is a strong sign of their weakened position and a strong indication that their overall planning function has broken down. I knew this had occurred but could not point to any visible change as proof. Now I can.

Congratulations, Mayor Nenshi. May your media foray be as successful as were your efforts to bring safe drinking water to all of Calgary.

It turns out the entire sale/Nenshi thing was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. My apologies to my readers. Visible change has not yet happened…stay tuned…LOL

Freedom for humanity…

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1 Response to Visible Change – April Fool’s

  1. Judy says:

    ahhhh darn…I was very excited to hear that news, John…the “joker” is still up to tricks…HA! HA!

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