Helping a Healer

Humanity is in the process of clearing the darkness; an incredibly complex process. Of course, this has been ongoing for years but it went into overdrive at the spring equinox, three weeks ago.

Nearly four years ago, I pledged to do whatever was given me to do within this complex process and I have faithfully followed my inner guidance doing whatever was assigned to me. Early in the new year I began to attract people who wanted my help in clearing the darkness within them and that work has been a major part of my contributions ever since. Not surprisingly, these requests have been couched in terms of assisting them in living their mission; and clearing the darkness that has interfered with them is what has occurred.

Right now, it takes an incredible level of dedication to be successful with the work of clearing the darkness that has entrapped each and every human on earth. A few have succeeded in past times but it has been difficult work with few resources available to assist those making the journey. My personal journey took place in the mid-2000s and for a variety of reasons, the dark did not have nearly as strong a hold on me as it has on many Lightworkers including those with whom I am currently working. This made my personal journey easier but has presented obstacles in helping others since I did not deal with some of the difficulties now facing those I am helping.

Here is a recent chapter from my experience to illustrate. One of the people I am helping called out for help about a month ago after reaching a crisis point in her life. We have worked together ever since and despite our best efforts, nothing we did seemed to have a noticeable impact and the various crisis points in her life have continued without improvement. In this process, I learned a great deal about this person’s problems and even more about her resolve and her dedication to living the mission she came to live. All within the context of accepting that the processes that work well with others were not helping her.

In a recent session, I acknowledged our lack of progress and asked what she thought was holding her back. ‘It feels like there is a dark implant within me and it is holding me back and preventing my progress.’ I have expertise in terms of clearing implants and promised to do this clearing work later in the day.

This promise set in motion a lot of turmoil within me. I had checked on this person’s field many times and could not get a clear readout. It was as though I was not invited and each time the scan was inconclusive. What would happen this time?

I took a long walk to and from a movie and experienced what I can only term as performance anxiety as the time neared for me to do the clearing. I am an agent of the Light in these clearings and powers far greater than me work through me to clear the implants. This is the same process I use for clearing any darkness and generally, I have no fear, knowing the resources available to me are greater than the resources available to any darkness. Besides, darkness by its very nature is in violation of cosmic law and when pressed, that has always tipped the scales in favour of the Light and in favour of clearing the darkness from the field of the person in question, whether that was me or someone I am helping. By cosmic law, no energy or entity can stay in the field of another uninvited and my angels are empowered to clear away even the most powerful darkness as a result.

Thus, the darkness has to rely on trickery and deceit; which they have perfected over time. Perhaps because of this, it is difficult if not impossible for people to do such clearing without outside help. Would I be able to clear the dark implants from this person’s field despite her near continuous efforts going back several years and our joint efforts going back over the past month of working together.

I got home around 7.30 and still my procrastination response would not leave me. Finally around nine in the evening I settled in to do the healing. I called my team of unseen resources together and embarked on the task at hand. This time I could access my friend’s field and encountered several implants. My process is to begin at the crown chakra and work my way down the chakra system clearing implants at the level of each chakra. My friend had lots of them and the clearing, which usually takes less than five minutes took much longer. I was called back to do further clearing several times over the course of the evening and did more clearing in the night as I slept.

My friend is a gifted healer and helps others do this kind of work but for reasons I do not yet understand, she had to ask me to do the work on her as she had not been able to do it on herself.

She doused the next day and found I had cleared 60% of the darkness within her. That matches my ‘knowing’. Darkness is layered within people and the lower levels do not become accessible until the upper layers are cleared.

The darkness is leaving humanity and people like my friend are pioneering that process. Awesome to be playing my part in this process.

Freedom for humanity…

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