Body Based Memories

One of the people I am coaching toward taking back their power, becoming their authentic self, living their mission and being fully sovereign had an interesting day yesterday that culminated in the integration of a body based memory.

The memory was from shortly after becoming pubescent and a subsequent interaction with her father. Her father had done something that my friend thought may be inappropriate and then passed it off as a normal father/daughter show of affection. My friend repressed the incident but has continued to wonder about it and it has come up several times in the weeks we have worked together.

Her experience of yesterday was of having energy stuck in her spinal column, first blocked at the level of her solar plexus chakra and later constricted at the level of her heart chakra. My friend is very dedicated to this work as it is having extremely positive results and she is for the first time seeing and believing that a life living her as yet unknown mission is possible. That dedication resulted in three or four interactions yesterday as the various blockages were explored and we interacted with my friend’s unseen spiritual team finding solutions to permit further progress…very profound stuff.

Our last call was my friend wanting to share what had finally occurred. My coaching was for her to surrender to the process and surrender to the assistance of her spiritual team and when she was finally able to do this, the resistance and blockages had melted away and an epiphany came upon her in the form of experiencing her body based memory of the experience. She was not targeting this memory but that is what occurred. When a body based memory is triggered, it is felt by the entire system and becomes integrated into the whole…I know because I had one released this morning. In my friend’s case, her body knew the interaction to have been inappropriate, bordering on sexual abuse and it had shifted her relationship with her father. She could no longer run and hug her father for fear of inviting more of the same. She no longer trusted her father and it shifted all of their interactions every since.

My body based memory was of a double date in my late teens. I had a female cousin, one year my junior, who lived about twenty miles away in a neighbouring town. One of my friends dated and later married this cousin. Also, my cousin had a friend that I found attractive. Somehow a double date was arranged with the four of us in my friend’s car and lots of drinking taking place. I suffered from memory blackouts when drinking heavily and most of that evening is blacked-out; only one memory was saved…I was taking a time-out from a steamy make out session in the form of pea break. For reasons I have never understood until today, that was the one and only date with this woman.

My body’s memory flooded into me this morning. The make out session was far too soon and too fast for me and my pea break was calling a halt to proceedings. My girlfriend was in love with and had been dating a gay guy who had recently ended the relationship and moved out to the west coast. At some level my girlfriend doubted her sexuality as her gay boyfriend had consistently rebuffed her advances and she was test-driving her sexuality with me. I was not looking for a one night stand, or for sex without love, and so broke off the encounter.

Amazing the information and integration when body based memories are released into the human operating system.

Freedom for humanity…

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