The Anunnaki’s Legacy

In 2009/10 the Universe brought me two books written by Zecharia Sitchin who coincidentally died in 2010 at the age of 90. One was a nice overview of his main thesis that a race of extraterrestrials, the Anunnaki, with advanced technology had visited earth several times in pre-history and were worshiped as gods in many cultures.

The second book was called The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial god (god deliberately in lower case). It was his translation of tablets found in Sumeria. This information felt like truth to me but following my practice of requiring independent confirmation before treating something as truth, I have not reported on this until Inelia Benz channeled some confirmation recently.

First a bit of human history. A couple hundred thousand years ago, ‘the great experiment’ was launched as designed by various civilizations of the Light intending a race of people capable of ascension within the physical body. This race was us; this race was Earth’s humanity. The experiment went along nicely until intersected by the Anunnaki who arrived in their spaceships seeking gold which they mined and took back to their home planet. Had the Anunnaki simply mined for gold and left all would have been fine but they grew weary of the back-breaking labour and targeted to enlist humanity, the indigenous humanoid species for that task.

The Lost Book of Enki is an account of this process. Due to their more advanced technology, the Anunnaki were revered and treated as gods by humanity. These gods were similar enough in biology to create a mixed race which were groomed as the overseers as the mining labour was transferred to human slaves. When the mining work was done, this mixed race was left behind in positions of authority. Eventually they rose to high influence within the civilization known as Atlantis who began competing with the Lemurians as the two technologically advanced civilizations within humanity. Atlantians in what is now the Atlantic Ocean and Lemurians in what is now the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurians wanted to allow the less technologically advanced tribes (all carrying human DNA) to advance in accordance with their guidance while the Atlantians, with their Anunnaki breeding targeting command and control wanted to take a more colonial approach. Around twenty five thousand years ago these two great civilizations fought a series of thermo-nuclear wars based on this disagreement. There were no winners and the thermo-nuclear damage set in motion earth changes that occurred between twelve and thirteen thousand years ago where the great landmasses of Atlantis and Lemuria sank beneath the waves and were no more. In their place rose the Americas, known in various native cultures as Turtle Island.

Earth became part of dark held territory some time before the thermo-nuclear wars and the Anunnaki remained involved masterminding humanity by controlling the etheric and astral levels, and continuing to work through their earth based descendants now known as the Illuminati. Semi-consciousness was imposed on humanity in order that they would continue to do the Anunnaki’s bidding and create misery and mayhem which the Anunnaki harvested energetically. That is the legacy of the Anunnaki’s long ago visits and genetic interference. In effect, the Anunnaki high-jacked the human race and sent ‘the great experiment’ on a long detour into semi-consciousness. We are now returning to our intended evolutionary path.

In addition, the Anunnaki’s DNA, predisposed to command and control is now mixed into a portion of the human race. These are useless skills in the higher dimensions and do not fit with individual sovereignty which creates some unlearning and some evolutionary challenges for this segment of humanity; however, humanity’s choice of an inclusive ascension process made in December 2012 means we will all ascend together. The former rulers will become the followers while those achieving individual sovereignty will lead the way. That shift is now upon us.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Judy says:

    WOW…thanks for this John…helps a lot…I didn’t have many of those pieces of “our” puzzle !!

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