Umbrella of Dark Control

With great dedication, Barbie continues on her path of regaining her sovereignty as she targets to take back her power, become her authentic self and live her life’s mission. This process has been ongoing for nearly three months now and has proven far more complex than I could possibly imagine. The past weekend was especially active.

Saturday dawned with Barbie plagued by a feeling of suppression centred within her heart chakra. My information was that Barbie’s authentic self wanted to be in charge and we worked toward that aim in our daily invocation. The sensation persisted and on Sunday we targeted another level of dark control, the level creating the feeling of suppression. This proved successful and Barbie experienced a breakthrough with the release of the suppression and the flooding of her heart chakra with Light based energies. As has frequently occurred, the breakthrough was followed by another dark attack.

Barbie and her father come from the same soul family and have shared many lifetimes together. Barbie’s higher self has chosen to serve the Light while Barbie’s father is part a small minority of humanity with a higher self that is dedicated to service of the dark. Lifetime after lifetime has seen these two higher selfs agree to share incarnations and then battle to recruit each other. A major part of her father’s dark agenda has been to keep Barbie under wraps and prevent her gaining her sovereignty which prevents her from living her mission.

This was made known to me during Monday’s session and during the invocation portion of our session we targeted to remove this level of dark control, an umbrella level of dark control under which Barbie laboured. With our teams (angels, guides, supportive ETs and Source) gathered in support of Barbie and her agenda, I asked Barbie if I had her permission to invite her father to attend. She agreed and I made the invitation to her father’s higher self. He came and I addressed him directly.

‘What you have done to interfere with your daughter’s sovereignty is against cosmic law. This has been possible because Earth has been under quarantine where cosmic law has been suspended. That time is ending and you no longer have the choice of interfering with Barbie’s sovereignty. As you can see, Barbie is well supported in this. Your umbrella control must be removed now. You yourself have a number of choices. You can transition into the Light or you can continue in service to the dark; but you can no longer interfere within Barbie’s field. If you continue to do so you will be destroyed.’

Barbie followed with some confirming words and we ended the invocation. Barbie’s experience for the remainder of the day was very disjointed and I was guided to remove myself from the equation to allow her etheric support team to repair the rents within her energy field caused by the removal of the umbrella of darkness that had prevented her sovereignty.

Today was a far different and spiritually mature Barbie. For the first time she requested full sovereignty within the invocation…awesome progress.

From the beginning of our work together, I have had the ‘knowing’ that Barbie is a microcosm of the human macrocosm. The work she is doing to take back her power and become sovereign is a mirror of the work humanity is doing to take back their power and adopt a Light based timeline that supports individual sovereignty.

My work with Barbie has provided an education into the complexity and layers of dark control that have been woven into the fabric of the human experience. The dark has had the upper hand for thousands of years where Earth and humanity have been under quarantine. That era is ending and pioneers like Barbie are finding pathways out of dark control; just as humanity is finding pathways leading to the coming shift into a shared Light based timeline based of oneness, abundance and individual sovereignty.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Umbrella of Dark Control

  1. katelon says:

    What great work!

  2. Judy says:

    as Katelon said…what great work…thank you, John !! Judy

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