The Legends

A while ago, I read something attributed to a future timeline where the writer claimed humanity had taken up an important role within the universe, one of assisting other civilizations in throwing off oppressive regimes as we had done and that those alive and ‘on the ground’ during that process were known across the universe as ‘The Legends’.

Humanity is currently living that timeline, the timeline of collectively rising up and throwing off oppressive regimes worldwide. These regimes are currently struggling mightily to continue the failing timeline of duality and scarcity. A replacement timeline, the timeline of oneness and abundance has been birthed and is in the process of rising up and becoming adopted worldwide. This replacement timeline will feature truth, prosperity for all, free energy which is safe and pollution free, the end of economic slavery and banking systems funnelling the world’s wealth into a few very well heeled pockets; the end of duality in its many forms. This new Light based timeline will also include many features that right now are beyond imagining. The end of aging and disease, disclosure of our extraterrestrial Light based friends and supporters and the adoption of their many advanced technologies, things like intention based travel, anti-gravity devices for various purposes, and many other technologies that will transform our world for the benefit of all.

Humanity is in the middle of this enormous transformation. Our dark loving friends remain in control of the media and are preventing this news from being broadcast or otherwise disseminated but none-the-less, humanity is in the middle of this amazing transformation and like the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, humanity will soon be waking up to an entirely new reality; the reality of a Light based shared timeline.

At the personal level, I feel as though I am earning my ‘Legend’ status. My contributions are mostly at the etheric level, a level of energy rather than physicality. At the level of energy, there is much being obsoleted and a great battle is taking place. The forces of darkness are making a last stand in defence of the status quo while the forces of the Light, now far more numerous and with greater power are winning the battle.

There is not yet a coordinated Light based initiative at the human level so the many Lightworkers including myself have to rely on our discernment, our intuition and our individual guidance to play our role. Perhaps that is as it should be as organized attempts under an umbrella organization are the dark’s favourite tool for manipulation and control. In a world that honours individual sovereignty, each of us does what we are guided to do, each of us has a direct conduit to Source and each of us makes our decisions based on that connection.

Meanwhile the battle rages and it can be lonely down here on the ground. The unawakened masses are the great majority and they go on about their business growing ever more dubious and doubtful that anything will ever change. We, the Light, lost many of these people sixteen months ago when the winter solstice of 2012 came and went without dramatics and we have lost many more in the ensuing months as the dark has continued their successful campaign to defend their illusion supporting duality and scarcity. But in the end, the opinion of the unawakened masses is of little import. The battle for humanity’s shared timeline is being fought for and determined by two groups of people…those defending the status quo and thereby supporting the darkness; and those birthing a new Light based timeline… people commonly called Lightworkers.

Supporting the Lightworkers is an ever-growing array of energetic support. ET armadas in our skies who have prevented many dark excesses over the past decade or so. Supportive energies beamed our way from Source and agents of Source that are affecting all of humanity and slowly tipping the energetic scales in favour of the new Light based timeline. The crumbling of the dark’s etheric control systems, built up over thousands of years and still functioning but at nowhere near the power or the amplitude they once commanded.

Things are changing…make no mistake. Can I point to signs of this change as reported in the alternative media. Yes, over-unity devices (tapping into free energy) are being mass produced in Taiwan. The world’s financial systems are being revamped and taken over by the Light with the primary initiative being a soon to happen global reevaluation of currencies. Most of all, the dark has been unable to create another world war and hot spot after hot spot is diffused without escalating conflict. Ho-hum say the masses including my family and many of my friends.

‘Wake me up when something really happens’ they say and I agree. These last few months have been a wake up call for me as I have learned much about the dark’s control and the layers at which it exists. Those of us continuing to battle and continuing to support the Light may well deserve the status of ‘Legend’ when all comes good.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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5 Responses to The Legends

  1. katelon says:

    Legends…I like that! You are also doing your one on one work with individuals, assisting them in clearing out the dark, too. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Judy says:

    indeed legendary…thank you, John, and as Katelon says…for all you do! Judy

  3. mglanxon says:

    I personally feel we are 1- 2 genarations from the “event”. That is why it is important to ” plant the seed ” of ascension into/with the youngsters. Hopefully humanity will enjoy the “fruit” of what we have sown in 80 years or so. I personally “realized” this after 3+ months of contemplating this single topic in 3-4 “trance like meditations” per day.

    • Thanks mglanxon. Timing is not my strong point so you could be right. Btw, the ‘event’ and ascension are separate within my understanding. The ‘event’ is shifting into a Light based shared timeline. Humanity is on the cusp of the ‘event’ and it will happen soon; 2-3 years max.
      Ascension will follow according to Divine timing.

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