The Null Point

Imagine a timeline superimposed upon the continuum of time. Some experience the past stretching out behind and the future stretching out in front. Others experience the past traveling to the left and the future traveling to the right. All experience the now, the present moment as a point right where they are. Use whatever method seems right to you.

Now step into the timeline of the shared human experience. Everyone can do this as we each participate in our own way within the shared human experience. As you move into the past you will be experiencing the timeline of duality and scarcity.

This timeline of duality and scarcity has been humanity’s shared timeline for thousands of years, going back into pre-history. This timeline has been designed and imposed upon us by a small but powerful group of humanity supported by off-world dark masters and darkness within the etheric and astral fields. We are now learning that this timeline is an illusion, a piece of fiction, but none-the-less, this has been humanity’s shared timeline for thousands of years.

For a variety of reasons, this timeline has been losing power and vitality and since October 28, 2011 this timeline has been unsupported by Source. Those imposing this timeline and maintaining it are dying off, or shifting into the Light or just plain getting tired of all the work required to energize and maintain a dying timeline. That is what has been happening for years and years, going back to the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and even beyond. This timeline is now sputtering and fizzling like the dying embers in a campfire. This timeline has reached the null point where it no longer has the power to command and control. This timeline has reached the null point where it will soon blink out of existence. This timeline is dying and will soon be dead.

That is the null point we are currently experiencing. This null point is the death knell of the shared human experience of duality and scarcity. That is where humanity is currently at…we are at the null point of the existing timeline, the timeline of duality and scarcity.

Now step into the future shared timeline for all of humanity. This is a timeline of oneness and abundance. This timeline has all kinds of goodies; goodies for everyone. This timeline has peace worldwide since within oneness, wars and killing make no sense whatsoever. This timeline has free energy as we join all the other advanced civilizations in tapping into the free, clean and safe energy reserves that are encoded into all of space. This timeline honours the sovereign right of each and every human being to live in abundance such that they can spend their time and expend their energy in the pursuit of living their mission and being their authentic self.

The null point is also the birthing of this sacred timeline. Death of one timeline is the birth of another and that is also happening within the null point. Welcome to the birthing of the bright and beautiful shared timeline of oneness and abundance. Welcome to the birthing of humanity’s first Light based shared timeline since before the fall of Atlantis.

Does this sound like an undertaking of huge magnitude. Yes, indeed. We are 7 billion strong and the shared timeline affects each and every one of us. We are at the null point of this timeline shift.

How long will it take to make this shift? How long will we be at rest within the null point? I cannot say. What I can say is we have birthed the new Light based timeline of oneness and abundance and there is zero chance that the existing shared timeline of duality and scarcity will rise strong and vital from this null point. There may be a few sputters and even the odd flaming ember; but the death and expiration of the existing timeline is a certainty.

Humanity will rise from this null point and move forward within a shared timeline of oneness and abundance. A beautiful new Light based timeline which is our birthright.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Null Point

  1. katelon says:

    Lovely! I see Karen inspired you 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    Helpful summary as always John…thank you…Judy

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