Reconnecting to Cosmic Law

Barbie continues her amazing transformation…taking back her power, becoming her authentic self, living her mission, and becoming fully sovereign. I have had a front row seat as Spirit has gifted me the ability to experience Barbie’s progress at the level of energy. Yesterday was a dramatic example.

The pattern of a dark attack following break-through progress has also continued and Barbie woke in the night feeling the anxiety that is her body’s physical and emotional response to mal-intended energy or entities that invade her etheric field bringing discouragement and confusion. Our morning call was long and rambling with Barbie stuck in a repeating loop of discouragement citing recent events in her physical experience as evidence that she had made no progress in the nearly four months we have worked together. Slowly and laboriously we traversed the information gathering portion of the call and finally entered the invocation portion despite Barbie’s considerable discouragement.

I had been given information that some dark energy/entity had trespassed within Barbie’s field and this information continued to build as we assembled our support teams at the level of Spirit. Barbie called in her angels, her guides, and Source and I did likewise when it came my turn. After thanking them for the amazing progress made recently, I asked Barbie to address the darkness trespassing in her field. ‘You are not welcome, you have not been invited and by cosmic law, you must leave. Leave now!’ Nothing happened and Barbie repeated this statement. Still no movement…unusual.

Meanwhile information was pouring into my consciousness. There was a powerful dark presence trespassing within Barbie’s field, blocking her progress and adding an emotional cocktail of negative emotions and discouragement. I requested assistance from my Spirit world supporters and entered the fray.

‘What you are doing is against cosmic law. You are violating Barbie’s sovereign space and you can only do this because Earth has been in quarantine and thus removed from some of the spiritual laws that govern the cosmos. You believe you are beyond the reach of cosmic law but that is not the case. We are in the process of reconnecting to cosmic law and re-implementing it within Barbie’s field. If you continue in violation of cosmic law you will be destroyed. You have three choices…you can return to Gaia or to Source and be reconstituted as energy supporting the Light. (Nothing happened) You can transition into the Light and if that is your intention I am willing to be a conduit for this transition as I have done for others. (Nothing happened) You can continue on your current path but you must leave Barbie’s field as you are unwelcome here.’

I experienced an amazing transformation of energy, like lifting a burden, as the entity left and Barbie’s field returned to it’s normal sovereign state. Here our experiences diverged. My experience at the level of energy was of a pristine energy field free from interference and obstruction. Barbie’s experience at the level of physicality remained within the umbrella of interference from the dark entity. It is normal for the level of energy (my experience) to proceed the level of physicality (Barbie’s experience) and I advised Barbie that she was now in good hands and could safely enter the accept and allow portion of the invocation. The entity was gone and that would soon be her experience.

We ended the call. Barbie called back about ten minutes later, panicked by her unusual and traumatic experience. She was experiencing a series of involuntary yells, part of her process of clearing dark energies and was coughing and hacking up phlegm, something that had only happened once before. The intensity and duration of both was unheard of within her experience. The call was short as my guidance was that Barbie was in good hands and the darkness was gone. Barbie accepted this and returned to her lonely experience of clearing at the physical level. I went walking to release the euphoric energies within me.

We reconnected later and Barbie was her authentic self once again. The physical clearing had been intense but was completed and she was asking for information in the serenity and calmness that engulfed her.

Humanity is in the process of throwing off the darkness that has controlled humanity’s collective timeline for thousands of years and people like Barbie are pioneering this process within their personal timeline. That was what occurred earlier today. It is like the hundred monkey’s syndrome where individuals are pioneering a collective learning. Where humanity is within this hundred monkey’s process is unclear…what is clear is that Barbie is making her contribution to the collective clearing of dark influences by clearing her personal field of dark and malignant interference.

She asked why others seem to go unconcerned about their business while she has suffered attack after attack over the nearly four months we have worked together. ‘Many are here for the experience once the darkness is cleared but do not have a role in the actual clearing. People like you are playing a role within the actual clearing…thus your experience such as today.’

Amazing times…

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to Reconnecting to Cosmic Law

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Also look at the book, Who Needs Light, by Kathryn May,

  2. Judy says:

    WOW, John…amazing “work” …thank you, Judy

  3. katelon says:

    So glad you are able to assist with this work. What courage and dedication Barbie is having in her clearing!

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