It Wasn’t Personal

Barbie suffered yet another dark attack. Similar pattern as before with the attack beginning in the night and her field infiltrated by the time we talked the next day. My primary method of communicating with the Divine is through Clair-cognizance where information is downloaded directly into my knowing without an evidence procedure; and I ‘knew’ this attack was sourced from very high up the dark hierarchy.

Barbie has had high level associations lifetime after lifetime with high ranking dark beings and has consistently been abused and often killed in her attempts to bring Light into her human lifetime; and into the lives of those serving the dark within her circle of influence. I ‘knew’ a key piece of information was missing until Barbie recounted her night time defiant yelling, ‘I am no longer willing to be a part of this dark hierarchy!’ Words were given me to end any remaining contracts and to express Barbie’s free-will choice to leave the dark hierarchy. I dictated them to Barbie and we were ready to clear the darkness from her field once again. A clear field is a sovereign right that has been trampled upon over the past 25,000 years or so while Earth has been under quarantine with aspects of Cosmic Law suspended.

We called in our guidance teams of angels and guides, including Source, and began the invocation. Once again, the clearing of Barbie’s field took some time and the invader(s) did not respond initially remaining cloaked and shrouded, a sign of high ranking officials within the dark hierarchy. Barbie’s declarations were very clear: She was ending all previous contracts with the dark and refusing to continue to participate within the dark hierarchy that had entrapped her. She was also closing any and all avenues for further attacks. Cosmic Law was invoked and our powerful support teams were authorized to do whatever was necessary should the darkness remain in defiance. Still the darkness remained.

I had the ‘knowing’ that the dark entity wanted to say something and opened myself to his telepathic communication. ‘It was not personal’ he said and once I shared this information with Barbie, he willing left.

Once again, Barbie had difficulty with the clearing and cleaning of residues at the physical and experiential level which she must do on her own. When we reconnected after this work was done, Barbie had some questions.

What did ‘he’ mean and what was he trying to do with…’It was not personal’? I explained my understanding of the dark hierarchy. By free-will, they had banded together in defiance of cosmic law but they are created beings with love at their core. They do awful things to stay in power but they are not awful or evil at the core…no created being is evil. ‘It was not personal’ were genuine words and a parting gift to Barbie whom they have terrorized in lifetime after lifetime. The entity was very high ranking and acting out of some misguided code of honour. He/it would not be back, in fact could not come back into Barbie’s field.

Barbie’s next question was, “Is it like ‘I was just doing the job Source asked of me so humanity could experience the darkness in order to better appreciate the Light’ type of thing.” From Claircognizance I answered, ‘No, that point of view is completely bogus and is a dark cover story.’

The darkness is in no way sanctioned by Source and darkness is not necessary to appreciate the Light. The reality is that individuals are given free-will and some have made free-will choices to serve the dark and impose darkness in the form of duality and scarcity upon the rest of humanity. This is not a Light sanctioned experiment, simply an aberration made possible through the exercise of free will. By holding humanity hostage through threats of annihilation through stockpiled weaponry, the dark managed to impose quarantine where information about their activities was withheld from the Light and the dark gained the upper hand.

That is now being reversed and the quarantine is being lifted. With the help of our Light based teams, we are reconnecting Barbie and her field to Cosmic Law and imposed Cosmic Law within her field. This is happening within all of humanity and people like Barbie are pioneering the process.

Later in the day, we closed off the existing loop holes allowing Barbie’s family to continue invasions of Barbie’s field. It was all very intense, especially for Barbie and she was extremely tired and discouraged, spending another sleepless night.

The dark are past masters at the art of sucking energy and discouraging victims and it was not until the next day that Barbie could see the progress she was making. In the meantime, she was at grave risk of giving-up.

Amazing events…awesome progress; both for Barbie personally and for all of humanity as Barbie pioneers pathways to throwing off dark control. This shift is coming soon for all of humanity as we throw off our current dark masters and step into a shared Light based timeline that I call the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to It Wasn’t Personal

  1. katelon says:

    Powerful work! Good for Barbie for keeping going. Thank you for assisting her.

  2. Judy says:

    WOW !!!

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