The Red Pill

In the famous foundational scene in The Matrix, Morpheus, a resistance fighter offers Neo, a new recuit, his choice of two pills. One is the blue pill and he can return to life as he has known it, no questions asked. The other is the red pill, the pill of awakening to the reality behind the Matrix, the pill of truth; and life will never again be the same. Neo chooses…the red pill.

My personal ‘red pill’ came years ago when I asked Spirit to show me how the world of humanity truly worked and the illusion was lifted for me after a guided research project stretching out over about six months in time at the beginning of 2009.

Humanity continues to slumber and the ‘blue pill’ of the illusion continues to enslave humanity within the illusion of humanity’s shared timeline, the timeline of duality and scarcity. Why do I call this timeline an illusion?

All major components of the existing shared timeline are based on illusion and do not exist in Truth. Duality is an illusion. In Truth we are not separate from each other or from Source. In Truth, we are all one…just unique differentiations of the One. Scarcity is also an illusion. In Truth all survival needs are encoded within all of space and can be manifest in the blink of an eye. In Truth, there is abundance for all, all of space is encoded with abundance.

How is it possible that our shared reality is based on illusion rather than truth? Thousands of years ago, Earth and humanity were placed in quarantine. The dark won a star wars battle and claimed Earth and her human occupants as their prize. They imported fearsome weapons of mass destruction into Earth’s space and imposed quarantine, threatening to annihilate all of humanity unless the Light agreed to honour the dark’s demand that the Earth and humanity be quarantined, cut off from the Light and from unobstructed communications with Source. Since that time, the dark has worked diligently to re-enforce this quarantine and the dark’s chosen timeline of duality and scarcity. Wars, disease, aging, even time itself are all products of the quarantine and the dark’s chosen timeline of duality and scarcity. The dark built it into our education system, into our mass media, into our religions, even into our etheric and astral realms. Humanity was on lock down and the dark did everything in their power to prevent humanity ever again awakening to Truth and to the power of the creative gifts this species (humanity) had built into their genes…into their DNA.

During the age of duality which ended in October of 2011, Source honoured free will and respected the dark’s quarantine. The Light banded together and resisted the complete dominance of the dark’s agenda; keeping avenues open for the planned re-awakening of humanity when the age of duality ended. Humanity was part of this resistance and down through the ages we have had freedom fighters, resistance fighters like the mythical Morpheus and his new recruit Neo. Together with help from Light loving ETs and the unbreakable connections we have to Divinity, humanity bent but did not break.

It is now time for all of humanity to take the red pill. It is now time for humanity to wake up to the illusion that has been imposed upon us by the dark and reclaim our birthright of being fully sovereign, our birthright of returning to Cosmic Law and enjoying our ability to create within that unobstructed field of oneness and abundance.

The red pill is no longer a choice that can be accepted or declined. The red pill of Truth will be administered to all. As more and more of humanity awakens and sees the Truth, humanity has exceeded the critical mass for Truth and by Cosmic Law, Truth will become everyone’s shared experience. That time is upon us.

The red pill of Truth is being administered and the bright and beautiful shared timeline of oneness and abundance will naturally result.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to The Red Pill

  1. katelon says:

    great post, thanks!!!

  2. Judy says:

    what Katelon said….

  3. Debbie says:

    Seriously where do you get this information. You must be taking too red pills

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